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Jun 30, 2009 05:43 PM

Wine Bar in Las Vegas

Are there any wine bars on the Strip or just off the strip?

Failing that, are there any restaurants that specialize in pairing food and wine?

I'll be in Vegas this fourth of July weekend and thought some wine would be nice to relax with, or enjoy a meal with.


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  1. Pezzy: My wife and I were walking through the Venetian and Palazzo and past by the Double Helix Wine Bar. We were on our way to the Wynn, so we didn't have time to try it. You can search this thread for a previous recommendation under Reccession Deals In Las Vegas that was posted on March 26, 2009 (sorry, I don't know how to post a link):

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      Helix and Double-Helix (wine shop and restaurant/bar near by each other) were good. The wine lists were interesting. The lists were fun, though priced by LV standards. Do not know how that might have changed.

      Still, fun wine lists without most of the "usual suspects," was refreshing and we did them several times, just for the fun and the fun wine lists.



      1. re: Moanalua

        Thank you so much!

        Helix and Double Helix seem to fit the bill of what I'm looking for. I looked through the recession deal thread too. =)

        And thanks climberdoc for the warning about the limited food selection. I'll definitely browse the website too.

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          Wow, it took three times to be able to post to this thread!

          The food can be available from Table 10 (?), right across the mall. We did not avail ourselves of any real food, but it was offered.


      2. Enoteca San Marco has an excellent "by-the-glass" menu and an enomatic preservation system. There are plenty of tasty Batali specialties to pair the great Italian wines with as well.

        I really enjoy Double Helix. Their wine selection is interesting as Bill Hunt attested to. Their food selection is limited however.

        1. There is a wine tasting room at The Rio. Its a bit hidden. They have different flights of reds, whites and even scotch. We were fortunate to meet the owner on one trip and he took us over to his special area where the wines are under lock and key. One of the girls got to hold a bottle worth $100k.

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          1. re: Code 3 BBQ

            The is a wine bar, Hostile Grape, in the new M Resort at the far south end of Las Vegas Blvd. Through 8/31, wine for $2 a glass is being offered between 6-8PM nightly except on Wednesdays when it is closed.

            1. re: westie

              I was just at The Hostile Grape this weekend and I really liked the concept. Aside from the normal wine list they have a few dozen different bottles, both reds and whites, spread throughout the room in these automated fountains. You get a debit card (like at Dave & Busters), add money to it, and then you can choose 1, 3 or 5 oz. pours from each bottle. It's a good way to try a lot of different wines.

              1. re: ajs228

                This sounds very interesting. I'll probably have to come back to this thread, for our next trip.

                Thank you all for this tip,


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Yeah, I missed this as I went to Vegas a day early and did not feeling like paying the hotels 12-15 dollars a day for wifi service. Eek! I'll definitely refer to this thread for my next trip,interesting concept. Thanks for all the tips!

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