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Jun 30, 2009 05:24 PM

Bday dinner recommendations - S. FL

Hello everyone!

My 30th b-day is fast approaching. I was hoping for some good dinner recommendations.
Here's the problem... One of the memebers of our family is a very picky eater - no seafood or veggies. The menu must have a chicken, pork, or steak entree option.

I've read several posts where the recommendations revolve around a few places... Michael's GF&D, Michy's, Sra. Martinez. I have to admit I've been to Michael's (took the husband there for his b-day), and was not impressed AT ALL. I thought the food was so so and the service was horrendous. I am definitely willing to give M's another shot, but don't want to do that on my birthday and risk making another expensive mistake (not that I'm buying, but still). I'm also not too keen on doing a tapas thing with this particular group. Love doing the small plates thing with the husband, but not the mom, siblings, grandmother, etc.

Typically for b-days we usually dine at restaurants where the entrees range anywhere from $20-$30. It shouldn't be too noisy. However, good food is a MUST. If you can think of any particlar restaurant that you've eaten at and has knocked your socks off, please share. It can be anywhere in dade & broward county.


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  1. Let's perhaps start with this - if you didn't like MGF&D, and don't want a tapas-style place, then what kind of food do you want, and what kind of place do you like? There are no doubt lots of other good restaurants besides the ones you mention but it helps to have an idea of what someone enjoys in order to make a recommendation.

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      Cafe Maxx on Atlantic in pompano has always been a place I like to go for my birthday. They always have a a couple steaks on the menu, and a chicken dish. The Chef is accommodating as well, since my wife is a very picky eater.

      If you go May I suggest the Caviar pie( cant go there with out this) and the Salmon Sashimi Pizza, Everything i have ever tasted off that menu has been amazing.

      It is on Atlantic in Pompano, East of 95.

    2. Hi Frodnesor, I am very flexible when it comes to food. I will eat just about anything. I love seafood - one of my favorite seafood restaurants happens to be The River Oyster Bar. I also really like Blue Moon Fish Co over in Lauderdale by the Sea. I like Italian, Asian, International Cuisine. If you can think of any good restaurants out there that have chicken, pork, or steak options (not just seafood), I would love to hear from you.

      SaminSFL, Cafe Maxx looks AMAZING. What a great menu! Will definitely keep this place in mind for the future - looks a little too expensive for a dinner with so many people. I think I'll save it for a special night out with the hubby. Thanks!

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        Grazi at 701 Washington--a guaranteed birthday success. Great food, serivce and vibe.

        1. re: srubin

          Thanks, Srubin! I've been there and am a huge fan. Grazi is great!!

          1. re: JFarah

            The food is better at osteria del teatro and sardinia. You could also do something like P112 or Prime Italian though it has been a while now since I have been.

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          Ever tried Timo in Sunny Isles? It is a regular rotation place for us, both if going out just Mr. F and myself or for family get-togethers. There's enough interesting stuff to keep me happy, but also a good selection of more traditional dishes for more conservative eaters - including almost always a couple steaks, a chicken dish, etc.

          Right in the price range you're looking for, the servers are all pros, nice atmosphere. More thoughts here ->

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Ditto on Timo's. Won't be the quietest place but the food is great.