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Jun 30, 2009 04:52 PM

food at babaluu?

A bunch of us are going dancing. But before that, we're gonna eat there... any good picks?

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    1. Hey, so it wasnt so bad!!! Drinks were delicious. We had a sangria ($10ish), and a pinot grigio ($12ish/glass).. and my friend said their lychee martini ($12.50) was superb.

      My SO and I had a couple of things from their tapas menu:

      House octopus ceviche - very unique. I've never had a ceviche before, but saw octopus and just had to have it. It wasn't really octopussy in texture (the rubbery, chewy feeling that I love), it was rather soft. They must have tenderized it a lot. Lots of lime and cilantro was used, it was quite fresh. Very nice.

      Skewered veggies with bocconcini - very nice indeed. Could taste the charcoal yumminess in the veggies. The cheese was a very nice touch. One skewer satisfied the both of us, but it came at a hefty price of $10.75. Like come on, they're just veggies, and 2 bocconcinis.

      Grilled Lavach - we didnt get enough chips to finish the dips. That was the only negative thing. And I'm not too much of a dip person, my SO is, so he enjoyed it.

      Colombian Empanadas - very nice. My girlfriend said it was like a Jamaican patty before eating it, but thoroughly enjoyed it b/c the dipping sauce made it so fresh. Again, the lime and cilantro made it fresh. The empanada itself was nice and meaty with a crispy pastry shell.

      Phyllo Wrapped Goat Cheese Salad - the greens were good. They had a very citrusy dressing. The goat cheese with phyllo I'm not a big fan of.. But that's me, again. My SO loved it. He said that it was his favourite out of the whole meal.