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after matyson?

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Hey all,

I could use your opinion...I am going to dinner on Thursday at Matyson and was wondering, what do you hounds do after dinner in that area? I was hoping to find a bar or just a chill place to hang out? I appreciate any suggestions.

ps- I am VERY excited about dinner, after all the good feedback from here!

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  1. I would recommend going to Tria for some dessert wine. its right around the corner and you can sit outside if it's a nice night. If you aren't too stuffed from Matyson you can order some cheeses to go with your wine.

    1. If you like cocktails, you could try Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Pretty impressive joint.

      112 S 18th St

      1. Hanging out at Rittenhouse Square is always nice, if the weather is good.

        1. Thanks for the ideas! Our main plan was to go to Rittenhouse, but I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow night.

          I heard through the grapevine about Franklin Mortgage--didn't that place just open?

          Tria is a definite possibility and probably where we are going to end up. =)

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            Or you could do what I do and go to Capogiro for a second dessert. I know it's decadent, but I just can't pass up a Matyson dessert or a chance to go to Capogiro when I'm in the area.

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              Yep, it just opened, but they managed to snag some of the best mixologists in the city. Pretty serious cocktail menu.

            2. I, too, am in love with Capogiro...but I don't know if I could stomach 2 desserts...but it couldn't hurt to try! LOL... I am thinking a visit to Capogiro (if we can stomach it), then a walk to Rittenhouse (hopefully with no rain--to cancel out 1 dessert) and then a trip to Franklin Mortgage...I do love a well-made cocktail...=)

              Thanks for all the tips!

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                Hm. If it doesn't rain and you're willing to take the walk (since you said you like a well-made cocktail), you might also consider APO (the former Apothecary, 13th & Chestnut-ish).

                Or there's also the bar at Tinto, where I recently got a fabulous French martini (as in the "traditional" with Lillet) with fired/caramelized lemon zest (what is that process called anyway?). It's not a chill place to hang out (unless you're grabbing a snack on a Sunday afternoon or something), but it might be the spot serving my new fav drink in town.

                Personally, I'm a pig, and a Matyson dessert followed by some lovely Capogiro gelato sounds perfectly perfect to me.

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                  We have done that on more than one occasion. Do not even think about skipping Matyson's desserts tho.

              2. *sigh* I am in love and a believer now- I knew you guys wouldn't steer me in the wrong direction...Matyson was delicious! =)

                We decided to go with the "Super Foods" Tasting Menu, since neither he nor I could make up our minds about what to get from the menu and every bite was like a little slice of heaven...

                it started with the Jumbo Lump Crab Salad-and compared to other places that I have been, it actually contained crab!

                The Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna was fabulous as well BUT my favorites for the night were hands down the Orange and Soy glazed Wild Copper River Salmon and the Moroccan Spiced Free Range Rack of Lamb....The salmon just fell apart and I don't think I ever ate anything that tasted like the lamb! The spices weren't overpowering but lingered in your mouth just enough to make you want to eat more and more until you look at the plate and it's all gone! (if you can't tell, that was kinda what happened to me LOL)

                and of course dessert...I thought that I would be stuffed from all the food from before, but since the portions were small enough, I had plenty of room left for dessert (plus I wouldn't want anyone from here to be mad at me for skipping their desserts-hahaha)

                So, we had the coconut creme pie and the peach and plum sorbet-Oh my! I don't really know what to say about them...it was hard enough to choose what to get -the pie was smooth like butter and the sorbet was the perfect finish to the night!

                I did try to save some room for Capogiro, but by the time we left, I felt like I ate my weight in food and could not fit another molecule of food in my stomach if my life depended on it! I guess that means when I go into the city again today, I will just have to make a special stop for some gelato...=)

                Since it was a nice night out, we ended up just sitting in Rittenhouse, people watching- but Tria, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., APO, and Tinto are all on the To-Do List

                Thanks again for the help! =)

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                  Glad you had such a great meal. You make me want to go back. I've never had less than a stellar experience there, but haven't been in a while because I've been on a kick of trying new places on the rare occasions we get a sitter and get out of the burbs. Lately, we've tried Bibou (fantastic, enjoyed as much or more than Matyson) and Cochon (very, very good, but not quite on par w/the other two).

                2. PS- our waitress, Maris (sp?) was wonderful!!! She was so nice and attentive and had really great timing! I dislike how waiters/waitresses come around to ask how the food was AS SOON as you take a bite, so all you can really do is sorta smile and nod...