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Jun 30, 2009 04:51 PM

after matyson?

Hey all,

I could use your opinion...I am going to dinner on Thursday at Matyson and was wondering, what do you hounds do after dinner in that area? I was hoping to find a bar or just a chill place to hang out? I appreciate any suggestions.

ps- I am VERY excited about dinner, after all the good feedback from here!

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  1. I would recommend going to Tria for some dessert wine. its right around the corner and you can sit outside if it's a nice night. If you aren't too stuffed from Matyson you can order some cheeses to go with your wine.

    1. If you like cocktails, you could try Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Pretty impressive joint.

      112 S 18th St

      1. Hanging out at Rittenhouse Square is always nice, if the weather is good.

        1. Thanks for the ideas! Our main plan was to go to Rittenhouse, but I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow night.

          I heard through the grapevine about Franklin Mortgage--didn't that place just open?

          Tria is a definite possibility and probably where we are going to end up. =)

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            Or you could do what I do and go to Capogiro for a second dessert. I know it's decadent, but I just can't pass up a Matyson dessert or a chance to go to Capogiro when I'm in the area.

            1. re: kmsue

              Yep, it just opened, but they managed to snag some of the best mixologists in the city. Pretty serious cocktail menu.

            2. I, too, am in love with Capogiro...but I don't know if I could stomach 2 desserts...but it couldn't hurt to try! LOL... I am thinking a visit to Capogiro (if we can stomach it), then a walk to Rittenhouse (hopefully with no rain--to cancel out 1 dessert) and then a trip to Franklin Mortgage...I do love a well-made cocktail...=)

              Thanks for all the tips!

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              1. re: kmsue

                Hm. If it doesn't rain and you're willing to take the walk (since you said you like a well-made cocktail), you might also consider APO (the former Apothecary, 13th & Chestnut-ish).

                Or there's also the bar at Tinto, where I recently got a fabulous French martini (as in the "traditional" with Lillet) with fired/caramelized lemon zest (what is that process called anyway?). It's not a chill place to hang out (unless you're grabbing a snack on a Sunday afternoon or something), but it might be the spot serving my new fav drink in town.

                Personally, I'm a pig, and a Matyson dessert followed by some lovely Capogiro gelato sounds perfectly perfect to me.

                1. re: Ali

                  We have done that on more than one occasion. Do not even think about skipping Matyson's desserts tho.