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Jun 30, 2009 04:49 PM

Palo Alto weekday lunch near train station

Never been within 30 miles of Palo Alto in my life. I imagine a tranquil paradise of restaurants, shops, Ph.D.s, a great university, and sunny skies. Will I easily find an obviously pleasing assortment of places to eat around the train station, or will this be like other towns where one has to do some hunting on foot? If the latter, can you assist me with a trail of breadcrumbs to lead me to the promised land so I do not stagger around in the sunny skies for too long, becoming hungry and cranky in the meantime? Perhaps something quick and simple -- a sandwich place or a casual sit-down spot. Cuisine open but prefer no Indian. Why, thank you.

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  1. Here is a similar thread. You can google map the distances from the train station.

    1. My favorite place within walking distance of the Palo Alto train station is the Palo Alto Creamery on Emerson at Hamilton. Just walk under the bridge from the station up University Ave and hang a right on Emerson. I used to order the specials on my lunch hour. They would usually be something nicer than you'd expect in a casual diner. The milkshakes are great too.