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Jun 30, 2009 04:33 PM

Places you like to buy fruit

I come to the Toronto region and often I am at the Ontario Food Terminal. Last time I was in Toronto I found a nice market that I haven't been in before ( and now I'm wondering which others ones I might be missing out on. I thought I had most covered. I'm keen to check out McEwan's new place and see what they are doing with produce.

I find that some of the larger chains (i.e. Sobeys, Loblaw and Metro) will sometimes have specific stores that are outstanding in their fresh produce offerings and others are just sad.

When I buy fruit I like to buy in season (i.e. right now if I were to buy apples I would want them to come from a southern hemisphere country), local when possible, but always good tasting. And a decent price.

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  1. The produce at my Highland Farms (Lawrence and Bennet - it's very small) have been, on the whole, consistently good. I don't trust Loblaws, No Frills, Metro nor Sobey's. Highland Farms has some of the best garlic and fresh basil. For organic we sometimes go to Tiano's in Pickering. Their fruit has been pretty good in the past. However we use the service, Green Earth Organics to get our weekly produce.

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      I'm curious what is it that you don't trust about the retailers when it come to produce. I've never heard of Tiano's so I will check them out. Thank you.

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        Just bad experiences at those other retailers i.e. tasteless produce; bad reaction to produce that I've always eaten in the past without incidence from other grocers. Compare the garlic from Loblaws and Highland Farms. There is no excuse for Loblaws to be selling dried out garlic on a consistent basis. Mind you I will go to Loblaws or No Frills to pick up PC products or rice.

    2. If you have a car a trip to St. Jacobs market in Waterloo is an idea (though you need to buy a lot of fruit to cover the gas cost, I suppose). Always fun, though.

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        Thanks for the reminder - so I'm sure I can buy so much more there than fruit. It has been a while but I recall some great jams and jellies and butter tarts (real ones not those made with "gag" margarine).

      2. Try Fiesta Farms, Christie and Dupont. they have amayzing fruit which is just as good and much cheaper then summerhill, whole foods or harvest wagon.
        If you are up north Concord market near thronhill also has fantastc fruit at great prices.

        1. Badali's on Bayview near Manor Rd. If it's in season and local he'll have it.

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            I'm also a huge fan of Badali's...close to me but also just love their variety and quality...

            If you have a car...Forsythe Farms on Kennedy Rd. north of Major Mackenzie has some SUPERB Ontario strawberries right their stuff a lot and worth the drive...

          2. Chinatown.

            I love fruit-shopping in Chinatown because you can find all manner of exotics that the farmers markets and even the gourmet groceries don't always stock... rambutans, magosteens, dragonfruit, persimmons, lychees, boxes of tamarind, etc.

            Although I am admittedly becoming a little paranoid about the safety of buying fruit from Asia... is there good reason to be worried??

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            1. re: Rabbit

              Hey I think it is okay to be a little paranoid but at least with fruits and veggies you only have to worry about what they might have applied to them versus buying something made there where you just don't know what the ingredients might be.

              Esp if it seems to have a fairly thick skin which most of the items you listed have. Now if I'm buying something that I often eat the skin then I'm more concerned. For example, I'll eat the skin on kiwifruit but only if it is from New Zealand - otherwise I'll peel it off. And for something like strawberries if they aren't from a local farmer I will buy them organically or not at all.