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Jun 30, 2009 04:20 PM

Old Fashioned Metal Ice Trays

Didn't know where to post this question/category. But, I am looking for the metal ice cube trays that incorporated a pull-type lever to loosen the ice out of the tray.

I no longer have an ice maker in my refrigerator, therefore I have to use the plastic ice trays. It's a pain in the "you know what" trying to get the ice out. I usually resort to turning the tray upside down under running very warm water, to loosen the cubes.

Does anyone have an inkling as to the whereabouts of the "old fasioned" ice cube trays?

And, please, I don't shop on-line. Someone in my family recommended that I try E-Bay. NOT! (I don't have any issues with E-Bay--just don't want to shop on-line). FoiGras

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  1. Thrift shops. Lower-end antique stores.
    They've probably become collectibles. I love those things, I used to see them, but haven't so much lately.

    1. Are you sure your memory isn't deceiving you? I think the old lever-action metal trays are much harder to use than modern plastic ones.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        I have never used the metal ones, but currently have some plastic ones that work great. Target has a couple options, and if I remember correctly, the more expensive of the two choices (solid white as opposed to solid blue) are a dream to work with. Two little twists and the ice pops right out!

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          Ditto. The metal trays were awful. The cubes were hard to get out -- they'd stick to the metal, and often your skin would end up adhering to the metal if you pulled to hard. This is one case where life was made better by plastic!

          1. re: theoneontheleft

            i can still feel my hand getting stuck to that lever!

        2. My parents still probably have their metal ice tray, but I always found it difficult to use. The ice cubes would always stick to each other at their bottoms, becoming one big mass. Then pulling the lever would send the whole ice-mass flying across the kitchen in a cloud of shattering ice crystals.

          Wanna buy it? :)

          1. I would check thrift, second-hand and similar shops. But I have to agree with the other posters that those metal levered ice trays are awful to use. I grew up with them and was very happy to make the switch to plastic.

            1. I saw some recently but can't for the life of me remember exactly where. I noted it because I thought that it was odd to see something so old-fashioned.
              They are hard to use and the ice cubes usually shatter when you pull the lever. I actually liked that because it makes terrific cracked ice for drinks, but it makes a mess when the ice flies all over the kitchen.

              Try calling Frager's Hardware on Pennsylania Ave, SE. - a great hardware store, that has amazing things. I think that's where I saw them.