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How do you order your burger and fries at in n out burger?

What are your favorites?

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  1. Very politely. Animal style. Though I just learned they have chili peppers so I might need to throw those into the mix. Double Double Animal Style, Fries Animal style, diet coke. :)

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    1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

      OK, gotta ask what "animal style" means . . . I haven't had a burger at In n Out

      1. re: vday

        Are you in for a treat! AS means that the patty(ies) is/are grilled in mustard and the onions are grilled, not raw. For a quick serve burger it is excellent.

          1. re: Cathy

            and added dressing(thousand island)

          2. re: TomSwift

            Thanks Tom . . . I've learned some interesting things reading through this thread!

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              Drumroll! . . . I had my first In-N-Out burger today - animal style. I rolled right up to the place like I knew just what I was doing thanks to CH advice. The burger was quite good, especially considering the price. I'm picky about any kind of ground meat product . . . but my fears were quelled when I read on the website that they grind their own chuck. So, good! I now have a new place to go for a quick inexpensive meal on the fly:-)

        1. Double Meat with onions or Animal Style works for me. either is a nice balance of bun, meat, spread and toppings.......fries gotta be well done.

          1. Double meat, animal style, medium rare, grilled and raw, mustard instead.

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              good choice tomswift...

              i have the same..but one protein style and one regular style...mmm mmm gooooood....

            2. I have to get this answer in before there are 300+ responses and my post gets buried in the wave.

              Double-double, Protein Style (lettuce wrap, no bun), Animal, plus extra raw onions and tomatoes, ask for the fries to be extra crispy and for the hot chilies. Don't even think of eating this burger in your car if you care about the upholstery and /floor!

              Side note: I have been a customer In-N-Out for more than twenty-five years and always thought the fries were meh. Thanks to this board, I learned about the extra crispy option and it has made all the difference.

              1. Cheeseburger, raw and grilled onions. I take out the tomato and give it to my boyfriend. =)
                Animal style fries.
                Diet coke.

                Pretty simple.

                1. Being a former SoCal resident now happily living on the east coast (Charlotte), one of the few things I miss from my Cali days is In-n-Out. They are always my FIRST stop when I head out to the Bay Area to visit my boss and division HQ. Fly into Oakland (or SFO or San Jose), pickup the rental car, and hit the first In-n-Out along the way. Of course, scoped out earlier on the Web site...

                  DubDub.... that's all I need to say.

                  1. Cheeseburger animal style, extra toast, peppers. Fries well done.

                    My buddy John has a website with the definitive take on In-n-Out's "secret" menu: http://www.badmouth.net/in-n-outs-sec...

                    And the legendary 100x100 has in fact been confirmed: http://whatupwilly.blogspot.com/2006/...

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                    1. re: alanbarnes

                      Thanks for the 'secret menu' link -
                      I've printed it for future (August 2010) reference.

                      1. re: alanbarnes

                        Ha! Loved the video Alan, thanks! Very educational thread:-) I will probably have to try an animal style burger with hot peppers and some extra crispy fries just to satisfy my curiosity.

                      2. I'm absolutely addicted. I order a double double with no onions, light lettuce. I get fries and extra sauce on the side. I sometimes add the extra sauce to the burger or to the fries. I don't mind their fries and I think the well-done ones are a little too crispy.

                        I think I may try my next one with onions, either grilled or a mix of grilled and raw.

                        I've had a single patty cheeseburger animal style, which was very good.

                        Their Neopolitan milkshakes are great. A mix of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

                        1. Cheeseburger protein style ~~ grilled onions
                          Fries animal style
                          Diet Coke

                          animal style is grilled onions, secret sauce, mustard and pickles, I think

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                          1. This is what I do.

                            1. Ask the server to put one of those french fry trays at the bottom of one of those In N Out paper bags.

                            2. Order Double Double "animal style" with extra grilled onions

                            3. Order fries, well done, "animal style"

                            4. Request that the double doulbe in No. 2, above, be chopped up and dumped into the paper bag (as described in No. 1 above).

                            5. Request that the fries in No. 3 be chopped up and dumped into the same paper bag along with the aforementioned chopped up double double.

                            6. Request more sauce be added to the top of everything in the paper bag.

                            7. Once you have the paper bag, fold the top close, toss, tear away opening and eat with fork.

                            8. Wash it all down with a large vanilla milkshake.

                            9. Go home and go to bed.

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                            1. re: ipsedixit

                              ...so you are the one I end up behind when I am in line...

                            2. So if I I wanted a 2x4 with the normal fixing but no sauce (I hate TI dressing) - do I just say that, or is there a special menu item for a burger with no sauce with no other changes?
                              I feel like if I say the wrong thing there, I'll be thrown out like the Soup Nazi's place.



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                              1. re: ArizonaDave

                                You don't have to know the secret handshake. Just tell 'em what you want. In-n-Out pays significantly more than other fast food establishments, and their employees tend to be happy and accommodating, even when things are a little crazy.

                                So you can order a "2x4, no spread," in which case the cashier may ask if you want mustard or ketchup. Or you can order a "2x4, mustard only." The "only" refers to the spread, not the other condiments. You'll still get lettuce and tomato, and will be asked if you want onion. Same with "ketchup only."

                                Now if you want animal style with no spread, you could probably order it just like that, or order a "2x4, fried mustard, grilled onions." There are many roads to Rome...

                              2. Cheeseburger, extra toast, peppers, WHOLE grilled onions (awesome). Well done fries and extra spread on the side.

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                                1. re: wanderlustre

                                  If you have crossed an ocean or, at a minimum, a continent you want to order:
                                  1. A 4 X 4 Animal Style
                                  2. Well done fries Animal Style
                                  3. A Neopolitan shake.

                                  A couple of essays about In-n-out:

                                2. double double, extra lettuce and tomatoes, extra suace, onions both ways and a side of animal fries.

                                  sometimes i do extra toast, but i usually get the above. animal style is good but for some reason i started to sway away from it and order the above.

                                  oh and the occasional 4x4.