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Jun 30, 2009 04:09 PM

looking for best Risotto in NYC

Just curious about where you think the best risotto in NYC is?

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  1. Peasant serves a nice creamy version that can easily serve as a main course.

    Scarpetta serves a drier version as an appetizer, topped with some shreds of short ribs that is to die for.

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    1. re: TrishUntrapped

      I had Peasant's risotto a few weeks ago and it was with white asparagus and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely main course size.

      1. re: pellegrino31

        I had the same risotto on Saturday and it was pretty delicious. One warning though. My friend who is a picky eater actually ordered it. He didn't like how it looked and swapped it with me for my dish. It's served on a large shallow dinner plate without any garnish, and since it's made with white asparagus everything is white. It does kinda look like baby food or a large bowl of porridge which put my friend off. I would totally order it again however.

        1. re: shane

          LOL. Agreed on the color issue - when I ordered it I knew it was white asparagus but it was one of those things where I figured there would be some color from herbs or something! It looks awfully boring but it tastes amazing.

    2. I would have to say Picholine!!! It has been on the menu for decades and it is my favorite to this day. Duck confit, sometimes rabbit confit in summer. An assortment of wild mushrooms, duck jus, truffle oil and to top it off DUCK CRACKLINGS once I ate about a cup of those things!!!! It is a must have in NYC!

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      1. re: ChefPeter

        Totally agree. I am a risoto junkie and no matter how many I try, the one I always dream of is the one at Picholine.

        1. re: prdct

          It's a side, not an entree, but you just reminded me of the duck liver risotto served with the squab entree at Ouest. There was nothing at all wrong with the squab, which was delicious, but I'd order that dish again just to get at the risotto.

          1. re: Striver

            Tom Valenti has always made awesome risotto. When he was at Alison on Dominick, weren't they famous for osso buco? and of course, what's the classic go-with for that? ;)

        2. re: ChefPeter

          My wife and I dream about that risotto. Recently enjoyed the green risotto at Salumeria Rosi.

          1. re: ChefPeter

            This sounds absolutely incredible. I just looked at their summer 09 menu online though and only see porcini risotto with fava beans and bacca rossa parmesan, on the dinner menu, tasting menu, and menu d'economie. Anybody had the version chefpeter mentioned recently? If not there should be a chowhound led lobbying effort to get that back on menu, it sounds ridiculously good.

            1. re: brettnyc

              I am beside myself. The risotto is off the menu "at this time." I must say however the receptionist offered it it on a special request basis. The current risotto sounds pretty good, not as good, and I prefer procinis pretty plain or in a flan. It must be time to try Salumeria Rosi.

              1. re: ChefPeter

                Sorry to hear this. Glad to know that they will accommodate a special request though, I think I may need to put that to the test in the next week or two...

            2. re: ChefPeter

              Oh definitely Picholine as well!! The procini and duck risotto was delish! and I don't see it on the menu anymore but the mushroom risotto at Jean Georges was also just AMAZING! and the herb oil drizzled over was jsut refreshing!

            3. I recently had an amazing risotto with cauliflower, confited onions and pancetta at Sorella. I went back but they'd changed the risotto dish; didn't try the latest that time.

              1. I really love the risottos at Giorgione.

                1. The white truffle risotto at Del Posto is for sure the best risotto I have ever had. But you have to wait till white truffle is in season.