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Jun 30, 2009 03:48 PM

San Diego dinner - 4th of July

Heading down to San Diego (from L.A.) on Saturday to catch the Dodgers-Padres games Saturday and Sunday. Staying at the Westin Gaslamp and will have our car.

The game on Saturday was to have been around 4:00 so we were going to have dinner at Petco and figured we'd grab a beer or dessert or whatever afterwards. Now the game has been switched to 1:10 so it can be on national TV, which throws a monkey wrench into the plans.

I need to figure out what to do about dinner for that night, the 4th of July. Is there anywhere within walking distance of our hotel, with good food? Cowboy Star has been recommended by a friend I trust. It doesn't look terribly far but is it a reasonable option to walk, like is it safe?

Price isn't really an issue but we would like to not get particularly dressed up (nice jeans would be ok, which really take you pretty much anywhere in L.A.) nor do we want any kind of fussy atmosphere.

I guess if there isn't anywhere good within walking distance, we will drive. In that case I'm considering Blind Lady Ale House - is that a good choice for the holiday? I know they will be open.

Since Sunday's baseball game has always been scheduled around 1:00, I made a reservation awhile ago for Bleu Boheme for dinner Sunday night. So we would not want similar food on Saturday.


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  1. Cowboy Star is an excellent choice, not far and you can easily/safely walk there, also the attire is casual. Bad idea to drive on the 4th.

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        Yeah, usually we entertain at home on the 4th, and I'm really not a fan of driving around on holidays where people drink a lot of alcohol. Plus we might like to drink a little ourselves. I think I will book Cowboy Star (conveniently on OT), now that I know it's safe to walk there from our hotel. Thanks!

      2. I agree with both previous as well. The 4th will be an extremely hectic traffic day all through SD, especially downtown. The Gaslamp is a safe area as well to be walking . You'll be fine (just stick to the stadium and north/west). There are plenty of great restaurants in the area. I'd typically recommend walking until you see something that strikes your fancy though on the fourth I might recommend making a reservation.
        I've not been to the Cowboy star but i've heard great things about it.

        1. Cowboy Star is a great choice...
          We hit up the Omni next door to Petco for the best happy hour at Mc Cormicks and Schmicks and they will stamp your ticket to walk on the Ped Bridge and back.
          It is going to be a zoo all around the Gaslamp..don't drive anywhere..
          Another option is Jsix at Hotel Solamar..excellent and they have a great rooftop bar too!