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Jun 30, 2009 03:38 PM

Rabia's, Monica's, Euno, or Galleria 33?

I'll be taking my out-of-town mother to dinner in the NE on our way back from the airport. I've narrowed it down to these four that I haven't tried yet. I'm a vegetarian and she loves fish or pasta. I'd simply pick the menu I like best, but it seems most of these places haven't updated their online menus for years. Which do you like best, and have you had any good vegetarian, pasta or fish dishes there lately?

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  1. Haven't made it to Monica's yet, but I have heard good things. My prefeence would probably be Galleria 33. I like the space, more room then most places in the North End, and the wait staff are really pleasant. I've had some amazing pasta dishes there and they're pretty accommodating. Euno's space is more intimate. I absolutely loved their stuffed artichoke appetizer. Rabia's has been more hit or miss for me.

    1. Last year I took my parents to Galleria 33 (it's the only place on your list I've been) and everyone enjoyed their food. i can't remember what I ordered or what I liked about my food, so it's not very memorable, but I did think the food was very solid at the time.

      1. Another vote for Galleria 33. The space is nice and clean, the service is pretty good, and the menu seems to have more variety. Last time I had fettucine with smoked salmon pieces, it was pretty good.

        I agree that Rabia is a hit or miss..

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          I really like Rabia's and have always had a great meal there. The prices are very reasonable also. The one downside is that they rush you. So do not order dinner until after any app's or salads, that is unless you want a quick dinner.

        2. would strongly recommend Monica's of that group, esp. for pasta, which is homemade there. Don't believe this is the case at the others.

          1. La Galleria 33 it is! I've made a reservation and will report back. Next time: Monica's.

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              nice, please do! I'm curious to how it is these days