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Jun 30, 2009 02:52 PM

copious langue de boeuf-focused lunch in Paris?

I am in Paris with a 2 year old and that has limited my culinary ventures but I am being relayed by his grandma this Thurs. and will go off on my own. My absolute fave food is beef tongue and I'd love to have that. I'd prefer a copious presentation to a more refined version that would be less copious. (It's my one blowout meal and for that I'd prefer bountiful over delicate.) I was thinking of Ribouldingue but the pictures at their website make the portions look a bit dainty. Is that the case, or is this in fact the place for me? Or does someone have another idea?

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  1. Place is lovely, but portions are , l regret ok in size but uninteresting in scope.

    1. Thing is, DCM is right that Ribouldingue is not very interesting, but I am not sure I know another place in Paris where you can have tongue, nipples, and other rare offals on a regular basis. Foot, sweetbread, foie gras, boudin, andouillette are easy and common, even tete de veau is not so rare anymore. But tongue, nipples, ears, nose are harder to get in restaurants, as far as I know.

      Truth be told, I need to do more research on that topic.

      1. If you really like langue de boeuf I am going to suggest a couple of the old school kosher restaurants which make it North African style either a red sauce or a caper sauce. These are place to which you can bring a 2 year old. Just check and see which menus interest you. For example I believe I have had tongue at les ailes. Good luck.