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Jun 30, 2009 02:52 PM

Fab's Hot Dogs in Reseda

After reading the praise for this place I decided to try it yesterday for lunch. It was so good that I returned today for another lunch. The steamed natural casing dog with their chili is dynamite. Great snap. I asked the guy where he sourced his dogs and he replied that he could tell me but then he'd have to kill me. He did admit that he has them shipped from New Jersey. The spicy Polish dog is the same one that Wiener Factory (RIP) used to use. Today I had a Ripper - deep fried until the casing splits. Very, very good. Their fries are outstanding, with a unique seasonig. Highly recommended.

The place is next door to a pizza joint called Brooklyn Pizzeria; they claim to have been in business for 35 years. The do a thin NY style pie. It smells good but I haven't tried it. My favorite in the west SFV for thin crust is D'Amore's. Can anyone offer a comparision of the two places? Thanks.

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  1. I cannot escape the siren's song that is Fab's, and have not been able to step foot into the pizza joint next door after many attempts to do so. Fab's is that good.. A hint about the chili-chees dog: when devoured in-house at Fab's, the shredded cheese (excellent quality, BTW) sits all fluffy-like atop the chili, dog, and bun. BUT, once I ordered this dog to go, and sure enough, 5 minutes in the sealed to-go wrapping & bag, and that lovely fluffy shredded cheese had morphed into even lovelier melty cheese! it was a revelation! So, my advice, order an eat-in dog at Fab's, but get the chili-cheese dog to-go. The transmutation is ", Jerry, gold! ".

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      The melted cheese effect on the "to go" chili cheese dog is exactly the phenomena that had me worshiping at the long departed El Patio on the north side of Wilshire Blvd. (midway between Bundy and Barrington) almost every week for years. If only I lived closer to Fab's my life expectancy would be severely diminished but my taste buds would be greatly enhanced.

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        I was fortunate to be inside during the taping of Fab's for Drivers, Drive-ins and Dives. And all I can say, is go now before the airing in August to miss the crowds!!

        1. re: MarlaPR

          What a stroke of luck. The show airs on Monday 8/10 at 10 pm. Sage advice to go before then!

          1. re: TomSwift

            What are you talking about "after the show?" I cant get in sideways now it is so crowded every time I go by.

            1. re: SIMIHOUND

              I've only been there for lunch and, yes, it has been crowded (the round table with stools, the 3 indoor tables and outdoors) but the tables turn pretty fast as it's not exactly a place where one would linger. I'd suggest that you find one of the tough to find parking places and tough it out. It's worth it. But if Patrick's Roadhouse is any indication, the weeks after the airing of DDD will see a huge spike in customers and terrible waits.

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      1. Tom,

        Fab's is a knockoff of Rutt's Hut in New Jersey. They use a hot dog from Thumann's that is made specially for deep frying. Many places in N.J. use this dog as does the popular Crif 's Dog in New York City.

        1. I’ve been going to Fab’s pretty much since they opened and they got their first positive review at Chowhound.

          At first, I was a ripper fanatic. Then it was the burgers…then it was the steamed dog with mustard relish…and then the Mexican street dog…

          Now, however many months later, I have found the definition of “hot dog” perfection:

          It is a bratwurst, with sauerkraut and mustard relish (bald eagle mustard relish, not hel’s), a side of garlic tater tots, and a coke.

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          1. re: ns1

            While I would very much enjoy reading comments about their burgers, my soul leapt up like a little hummingbird when I read "bratwurst, with sauerkraut and mustard relish", as that was the one that stunned me as well. We went with a bunch of the SCARF crowd, and while we alone would have picked just one sandwich each and let it go at that, we were all egging each other on to try another and then another... the memory is blurred, but I *THINK* I may have had three. Unless it was four. But the brat was one of them, and it was the one that rang most of my bells, though the bite I had of someone's Ripper was damn good too (yeah, it degenerated to the point of grown adults swapping bites like a bunch of hygienically-ignorant kindergartners). Food freaks on a tear, I tell ya...

            1. re: Will Owen

              Will, when was this? I must have missed it on the SCARF board.

              1. re: Will Owen

                what is this SCARF thing you speak of?

                And yes, that brat with sauerkraut/mustardrelish = perfection

                Actually, the mustard relish itself is pure perfection and makes EVERYTHING better, but complements the sauerkraut so well you just need to order one and see for yourself :)

                1. re: ns1

                  Southern California Association of Radical Foodies. Several of us formed the group several years ago as a vehicle to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the Mods on the types of posts we could make on CH and to provide a means of communication that didn't interfear with CH. There are now several hundred members.

                      1. re: ChinoWayne

                        ...and it was I believe about a year ago. Hot day, maybe eight of us packed in that tiny room like squirmy pink sardines. A lot of that bite-sharing could possibly have been accidental, what with us all hanging out in each other's laps... Don't remember exactly whose idea it was, but it was a good'n.

                2. The wife and I have been going to Fabs since last fall. As a Jersey Boy who transplanted himself to LA 15 years ago, I can honestly say it's the closest thing to a "being in Jersey" hot dog I've had outside the state. Really quite good and everyone there's excessively nice.

                  Sad thing is, my wife's not a hot dog fan. She likes the burgers though, so we can still go and enjoy it. We've even brought our 4 month old daughter there - twice!

                  We went on Saturday afternoon and it felt like 100 degrees outside - it wasn't much cooler inside. That's really the worst thing I can say, how about a little more A/C. It is the Valley after all... =-)

                  Now if only they'd start making the Max's style footlong hotdogs. These are the hotdogs found down on the shore in places like Point Pleasant and Seaside. Max's itself was on the Long Branch board walk before it "mysteriously" --cough-- Mob --cough-- burned down. They built a free standing one a few blocks away, but the ambiance, well I miss the old place.

                  Anyway, my dad brings out a few frozen packages for me every trip he comes to visit (his grand daughter, not me). They are made by Schickhouse. They are Amazingly Tasty. These are NOT Dodger Dogs, not even close.

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                  1. re: mrsantora

                    remember last year? they didn't even HAVE ac!

                    1. re: ns1

                      Yeah I know. Now they need to expand and get some more seats. Really with the DD&D coming up, we'll never get in there again! =-(