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Jun 30, 2009 02:40 PM

Golden Valley Minnesota

any one familiar with Piazza's Italian Ristorante at hwy 55 and hwy 169?? they have a nice infomercial running on one of the cable TV channels. food looked good!!

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  1. Went there a few years ago. It was unremarkable, at best. If you want "red sauce Italian" you're better off heading to one of the places in St. Paul.

    1. Go to Latuff''s on 55 near Holiday Station Store instead. Family owned good food, good prices. About 2 miles west of that place - went once - comparable to nursing home food.

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        I also am not a big fan of Piazza's but my parents love it. They are owned by members of the same family that owned Cafe Di Napoli. Some of the recipes are the same.

        I also agree that Latuff's is your better bet.

      2. Piazza's is good and basic; nothing fancy but sometimes that's exactly what I want. The baked ziti is great and the drink prices are low. I used to live close by and went every couple months when I was craving basic spaghetti and meatballs but didn't want to cook. Now that I haven't been in over a year I can't remember what else I ate there.

        1. I would agree with the Latuff's is better. Went once to Piazza's - underwhelming.