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Jun 30, 2009 02:34 PM

Searching for Vegemite or Marmite in MSP

I am looking for places that have Vegemite or Marmite in the Twin Cities area. I have already checked Bylerly's in SLP and Kowalski's in S. Minneapolis, but no luck. If anyone has a good lead for where to find this yeasty spread, I would be grateful!


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  1. I know I saw Marmite at Kowalski's in St. Paul about a year ago. I don' t know whether they still have it. Good luck!

    1. I have seen Marmite at the SLP Byerly's. pretty sure the Wedge has it too.

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        They have Marmite at the midway Rainbow Foods, over in the ethnic foods section.

      2. Brit's Pub on Nicollet Mall sells jars of that sort of thing, also.

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          I've seen Vegemite and Marmite at Indian grocery stores here. You can try Patel Groceries on Central or TBS mart off of Portland Ave in Bloomington.

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            Ooh! I forgot about TBS mart. I shop there lots, but (for obvious reasons) never for marmite or vegemite.

        2. Byerly's in Edina has it. I bought it there recently.

          1. When I lived in the Twin Cities, Byerly's carried Marmite. The trick was: don't look in the jams/jellies area, look in the yeast area.

            PS: When you visit St. Louis, be sure to visit The Missouri Marmite Museum.