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Jun 30, 2009 01:34 PM

Camping treats

We're camping with friends for the holiday weekend, and I'd like to make cookies or bars for the crowd to share. No refrigeration so anything with icing is out. Mostly adults, but a few kids. I want to make these Wednesday or Thursday for consumption Friday or Saturday. I'm thinking brownies but any favorites would be great. TIA and enjoy the holiday!

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  1. I love a peanut butter butter brownie, layered, no icing and filled with nuts of your choice, is a great treat.

    Lemon bars work great and no refrigeration.

    I loving making a nice macadamian nut oatmeal cookie, and stuff with raspberry jam and top with another cookie.

    My samore cookie which is a chocolate cookie stuffed with marshmellow cream, caramel and nuts. They don't do well it hot heat, but in a tupperware out of direct heat they do very well.

    Treat, you can buy one of those little chocolate containers you just heat to melt right from the regular grocer in the cake aisle. Well my friend just transferred it to a small metal tin and when we went to a concert up by Swanee River, outdoor concert and camping for the night. We toasted marshmellows, put them in between a good nutty chocolate chip cooked and then dipped it in the chocolate. which was a lot of fun.

    Now anyone of these you can add a little alcohol in the filling or the chocolate sauce etc. I do quite often.

    A bourbon blondie brownie is great, and dark rum shortbread is fun.

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      I never though of adding booze! That would be popular, what would a chili infused tequila go well in, or a cherry rye (what I have). Also how much do you add? Is this just instead of vanilla?

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        Let me think on that. I cook or bake with bourbon and rum a lot of have made lemon tequilla cookies but not sure about the chili. Depending on the mix I sometimes still add vanilla but sometimes just add a little less water or liquid to the dough. I will have to think on that one.

        For instance I added bourbon to the strawberry jam with walnuts and used as a filling in between cookies which works well. I have also used creme de menthe in chocolate cookies which is really good.

        Coconut, rum and pecans make a great cookie with a mango jam. All regular store bought ingredients and fresh made.

        I think about the tequilla end.

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          What about the lemon cookies with lime instead? Would you mind sharing the recipe if you think that would work?

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            I'm just leaving work, look it up when I get home in about a hour.

      2. May i recommend the REALLY good recipe that CHOW.com created for Rocky Road Bars? One of my favorite things to come out of the test kitchen lately.

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          Love making rocky road brownies for our camping trip. Easy to do just bake brownies, then take them out slightly before done, top with choc.chips, nuts & mini marshmallows then put back in until top browns slightly. Let cool before slicing.

          I also love any kind of skillet fruit cobbler or shortcake. Easy to do on a grill as long as you can cover it. And adding booze to chocolate sauce for ice cream sundaes, etc is real yummy, like KC does.

          Last year, in addition to the rr brownies. we brought a coconut pineapple loaf, which was sweet moist and dense, and good with our morning coffee. And Blackberry crumb bars. I can't recall at the moment where I got the recipes, but I know I still have them and since I'm not a baker, they were easy ones to make and transport on the RV.

          Another one that I haven't made but might do this weekend before we leave is a Kahlua S'more Pie. Basically you make a custard with eggs, sugar, evap. milk, melted butter, Kahlua & cocoa powder, then fill a prepared graham cracker crust with the chocolate mixture. Bake for 40 mins or so, then spread top with the mini marshmallows, then bake again for a few minutes to brown them. Sounds delicious, but I haven't made it so no promises! Will let you all know if I try it when we get back from our camping trip up north.

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            oooooh, rocky road bars!!! yum!

            (and i was going to suggest the poster make rice krispy treats-- maybe with chocolate or peanut butter chips).

          2. in terms of cookies that will keep well and still be great after a few days, my top choices are oatmeal cookies, gingersnaps or ginger cookies, and biscotti.

            1. I know this isn't really what you asked for but check out these sweet treats for camping. Kids are always impressed by food cooked in foil. These are from a Washington Post chat today and I haven't tried either one.

              Slice a cake donut in half (like you'd slice an English muffin). Insert pineapple slice. Add pat of butter and brown sugar. Wrap well in foil and bake on coals for 5 minutes.

              Slice a banana down the center like you're doing open heart surgery, taking care not to cut the bottom peel. Stuff in marshmallows and any form of chocolate. Wrap in foil. Bake 5 minutes.