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Jun 30, 2009 01:10 PM

MSP-Restaurants open Fourth of July?

Six college girlfriends and I are convening in Minneapolis-St. Paul this weekend for our annual reunion from various points all over the country. We're really excited to try MSP's specialties (and much thanks to this board for the great suggestions--can't wait to try a Jucy Lucy) but I'm having a little trouble figuring out where to eat Saturday night. We'd like to see the fireworks from the Riverfront District or possibly at TASTE on Harriet Island, and if we're downtown, we thought we'd grab dinner somewhere around there. My first choice was 112 Eatery--they're closed. Will a lot of restaurants be closed on the Fourth? Any suggestions for 7 women in the thirties to gather? None of us have ever been in the Twin Cities before, and we'd like a place where we can sit and talk, nice but not too expensive ($50 per person is "special" to me, and I'm from NY).

Much thanks!

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  1. Here's a link from Open Table that lists Twin Cities restaurants open on July 4. Granted, not every place someone here might recommend is on the list, but it's a start.

    If you watch fireworks in Minneapolis, places from the list to consider pre-viewing are:
    20.21 (you *might* be able to see them from the roof of the Walker
    )Bradstreet (smaller plates, fun to share)

    A place too new to be on the list (and you'd have to call to see if they will be open) is Butcher Block (across the river from downtown). It's brand new. I have not been. But the chef comes from i Nonni, which is a very good Italian restaurant. You and your friends would probably have plenty of room, but you might be the only ones there if word hasn't spread fast.

    If you go to Taste of Minnesota's show, St. Paul places from Open Table's list are:
    Senor Wong

    1. All the spots along the river on St. Anthony Main in Minne will be open. Sadly, none of them serve what we would normally call food. Pracna - terrific beer but who needs pigs in a blanket as an appetizer? Tuggs - ... bar food. Vic's - some good apps and starters. Nye's - relish plates. Sigh. And of course they'll all be slammed.

      Might call Nicollet Island Inn to see what's up there. I'll see if there's a sign up outside on my ride home tonight.

      1. Much thanks for your suggestions! I think we are going to buy some stuff for a picnic instead. We're staying in St. Paul in an apartment swap near the College of St. Catherine. Are there any groceries you'd recommend in that area for picnic supplies?

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          If you're near St. Kate's, then Mississippi Market Co-op at Randolph and Fairview would be close to you. There's also a Whole Foods on Fairview. I can never remember exactly where it is, but it's on Fairview between Summit and Randolph.

          For sandwiches and cheese, you might try the newly-opened St. Paul Cheese Shop on Grand at Snelling. There's a breadsmith bakery next door.


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            Near St Catherine's, you are very close to Lunds (where Cleveland meets Ford Pkwy). If you are willing to go farther afield, there's a Kowalski's on Grand (near Hamline) or the new Trader Joe's on Randolph.

            The Co-ops are also very good. Mine is Seward, on Franklin near 25th. Lots of tasties.

            Also - Since the 4th is a Saturday, I'd also recommend checking out one of the Farmer's Markets for tasty noshes. St Paul market (in downtown SP) will be open, not a lot of picnic ready foods though. But the Mill City market is usually chock full of ready to eat options. Plus - fun!

            1. re: AppleSister

              I live four blocks from St. Catherine's. For groceries:

              Mississipi Market at Randolph and Fairview (you could walk). You will find more ready-made picnic fare elsewhere, but if you don't mind some prep, MM is an easy choice.

              Whole Foods on Fairview exactly between Grand and Summit. That's about one mile from Mississippi Market, so still very close.

              Trader Joe's on Randolph and Lexington (about 1.5 miles from Mississippi Market). Not everyon like TJ's, but it's an option.

              Lund's on Ford Parkway, one block west of Cleveland. You could also walk here. It's a pseudo upscale grocery.

              If you go to the Cheese shop that TDQ mentioned, let me warn you that you may experience price shock. I thought the prices were reasonable until I noticed the pricing was per half pound instead of per wole pound.

              Now, let's talk alcohol. If any of you drink and want to imbibe on July 4, you should know a couple of things... 1) Grocery stores do not sell alcohol, and 2) Liquor stores (beer, wine, spirits) will be closed on July 4. The closes options for you are:

              Thomas Liquors (three blocks west of Whole Foods) and Haskell's (two blocks west of Lund's). Either will have a large selection. I think Trader Joe's also has a beer and wine shop attached (Minnesota law mandates a separate entrance from the grocery store).

            2. You all are incredible! I love Midwestern hospitality! Thank you so much.