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Jun 30, 2009 12:56 PM

Plastic 2 oz Condiment Containers- Where in Boston?

Where in Boston can I find little condiment containers like these?

And yes, I am making Jello Shots for the weekend. Happy 4th, everyone :)

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  1. Hmm, do you have a card for Restaurant Depot?

      1. IParty sells them. I recently picked some up for a pig roast I was throwing.

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          I Party, one in FL too and every party store I have ever been to sells them.

        2. The friendly folks at Blue Ribbon (Arlington, but probably Newton as well) would most likely sell (or give?) you a small quantity if that's what you need - they always have a huge supply for their takeaway BBQ sauces - and you could get some great food at the same time if you are hungry.

          1. Costco. Of course, you will be buying enough to make Jell-o shooters for several years worth of holidays... but you will find many, many more uses for those little containers!

            Today I took am un-creamed coconut cream pie into the office, with my ISI whipped cream decanter. I carried 2 tbl of confectioner's sugar in one of those perfect little containers, to add to the whipping cream, along with the vanilla syrup I planned to add.

            They store well, take relatively little space, are always available and serve a variety of purposes limited only by your imagination. Worth buying a case of cups (2 oz.?) and matching lids!