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Plastic 2 oz Condiment Containers- Where in Boston?

Where in Boston can I find little condiment containers like these?


And yes, I am making Jello Shots for the weekend. Happy 4th, everyone :)

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  1. Hmm, do you have a card for Restaurant Depot?

      1. IParty sells them. I recently picked some up for a pig roast I was throwing.

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          I Party, one in FL too and every party store I have ever been to sells them.

        2. The friendly folks at Blue Ribbon (Arlington, but probably Newton as well) would most likely sell (or give?) you a small quantity if that's what you need - they always have a huge supply for their takeaway BBQ sauces - and you could get some great food at the same time if you are hungry.

          1. Costco. Of course, you will be buying enough to make Jell-o shooters for several years worth of holidays... but you will find many, many more uses for those little containers!

            Today I took am un-creamed coconut cream pie into the office, with my ISI whipped cream decanter. I carried 2 tbl of confectioner's sugar in one of those perfect little containers, to add to the whipping cream, along with the vanilla syrup I planned to add.

            They store well, take relatively little space, are always available and serve a variety of purposes limited only by your imagination. Worth buying a case of cups (2 oz.?) and matching lids!

            1. Thanks all. I think I'll try to mooch (buy?!) some off of businesses near me in Beacon Hill or treck out to iParty!

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                Another option is PPW paper provisions warehouse in Watertown, and JP has a similsr store on Washington St. Sweet Life in Chelsea may have them too.
                Did you forget my invitation?

              2. I wonder if any of the restaurant supply places in chinatown would have them? I would bet they do.

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                  Where are the restaurant supply places in Chinatown? I've never noticed them. I'm SURE they would have them and I can get there easialy.

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                    There was a large kitchen supply store at the NW corner of Beach and Kneeland; closed last year.

                    There's a smaller store next to the old Weggie's Pub (can't recall the name of the pub or store) but it's at 162 Lincoln..near Hei La Moon.

                    You could also ask at any of the Chinatown restaurants if they sell you some. They use them for side condiments for takeout. Obviously any place that you're a regular would be best...but the people at Peach Farm are always very accomodating.. or go somewhere for lunch and ask for them..good excuse.:)

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                      Chin Enterprises - they are right at the corner of Harrison and Beach, opposite Eldo Tea House:

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                        Chin closed not too long ago. That's the 1 I was referring to. I had the wrong street. Was on Harrison; not Kneeland.

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                          Dang - I could've sworn it was open just last week. I'm heading there for lunch today, so I'll check it out. There is one on the corner of Kneeland and Harrison too, I think it was called "Win Restaurant Supply." There's also Eagle at 166 Lincoln Street:
                          There was one giant one out Harrison Ave. in the Tufts Medical area, but I can't remember the name.

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                            Confirmed that Chin Enterprises is gone - a furniture store took over the space.