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Jun 30, 2009 12:50 PM

Syrah in the Central Coast?

I am heading up this weekend to the Central Coast. I really enjoy the Syrah from Andrew Murray especially the Savannah. I am looking for syrahs of this caliber on the roads on or near East Highway 246 and Santa Rosa Road near Buellton. We are staying in Solvang and planning on visiting Alma Rosa, Babcock, Melville, and Sanford.

Thanks in Advance!!

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  1. Don't forget to hit Frass Canyon, and no fu@$%in merlots!

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    1. re: ed1066

      If you can buy any Savannah Oaks Syrah- buy it up as the ranch is making it anymore. Andrew Murray is still making wine- Savannah Oaks isn't.

      Syrah- try Tensley ,Beckman , Bridlewood , Consilience and Carina Cellers.

      As far as Santa Rosa Road- I guess you could try Santa Barbara Winery out that way. Melville makes fantastic wine. Avoid Sanford- they are not the original owners anymore and the new winery is not making wine worth tasting- IMO.

      The Valley is gonna be crazy with the MJ viewing- hope you have your hotel room booked!

      1. re: JalamaMama

        I second Tensley, some of the best syrahs in the area. Beckman for sure. And, keep driving north... Paso Robles is also home to some great Rhone style wines.

    2. Alma Rosa does not do Syrahs, their only reds are Pinots. Lafond is just across the street from Alma Rosa and they have some nice Syrahs.

      1. Ojai, Beckmen, Melville in Santa Barbara.
        From Paso Robles, Hug, L'Aventure, Linne Calodo and Terry Hoage seems promising, but I don't have a lot of experience with his wines.
        Bridlewood is now owned by Gallo and they blend their syrah from about seven vineyards in California.

        1. Edna Valley Syrah. Surprising .. at least to me.

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          1. re: BigGreener

            OH yeah there are some good syrahs in the Edna Valley area as well!

          2. Stolpman in Solvang has great reds. Check them out.