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Jun 30, 2009 12:45 PM

Asheville Brewpub--Food and Beer

I'm going to be driving through Asheville Thursday P.M., and I wondered, if I've got just one place to go, for food and beer (I had great Belgian draft in Cambridge, Mass this spring and ever since then been on a beer search) where should I go?
Prefer no lame atmosphere, btw---want the whole package.

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  1. Barley's doesn't brew their own beer (which means they're obviously not a brewpub) but they have a great beer selection and above average food. The Thirsty Monk also has a great beer selection, although it has limited food menu.

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      If you like vegetarian food, Laughing Seed serves awesome food and local brews from a nice patio downtown. Mellow Mushroom is a regional chain but their patio is busy and perfect for people-watching downtown. They have above-average pizza and a huge draft selection. Biergarden has a great selection of brews but their food is only OK. Barley's would be a good choice as well but I prefer the Mellow Mushroom's pizza and their patio. Sunny Point in West Asheville also serves a few of the local Highland Ales and has great food and a busy patio.

    2. Jack of the Wood on Patton (just across the street from the Thirsty Monk) brews their own Green Man Ales and has a fairly good pub menu. Same owner as Laughing Seed and you can go upstairs from Jack of the Wood into Laughing Seed.


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        1. the admiral in west asheville has good food & serves a couple of the wedge brews on tap. from there you can walk down to lucky otter or westville pub to continue sampling local brews.

          1. If you are looking for Belgian Beer, Thirsty Monk is the place to go, Also, Bruisin Ales has a great selection of Belgian beers for you to take home with you.