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Jun 30, 2009 12:26 PM

Seems VERY unfair...

In Outer Boroughs, the "Nunu Chocolate on Atlantic Avenue: how is it? "
thread is full of semi-claims, contradictions and diverging experiences. I cannot begin to figure out what the real story is. Twice, the proprietor has posted friendly, informative and (IMO) non-spammy posts to address specific issues and to provide general information about their plans and hopes. Twice their input has been deleted. Presumably as a result of being flagged by someone with a grudge. It seems terribly unfair to the proprietor AND to me and other locals. This sort of info should be available. The knee-jerk freakout at the sight of anything resembling the taint of a business person is childish. And to defer to a board user with an agenda instead is just plain upsidedown. I really lose respect for CH when I see mindless policies enforced instead of a little intelligent discretion.
FWIW, the product in question is quite unappealing to me so my interest has nothing to do with shilling for this establishment. No loss to me if they fail except for the human loss.

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  1. If you look at the post on Etiquette( ) under the Site Talk Board and read through the "FOR RESTAURANT OWNERS, FRIENDS AND OTHER INSIDERS" paragraph you come upon the following:

    "We realize it's disheartening to see negative things said about your restaurant, but Chowhound prohibits customer service and "spin control". While there are many means for restaurants to message and engage their public, Chowhound is a rare bastion for pure consumer discussion. In the end, the dining enthusiasm we generate makes Chowhound a very good friend to this industry, and we ask commercial parties to help foster this environment by resisting the urge to join the fray."

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      Thanks for pointing that out. Now that I read it I do remember this rule. Well----I don't agree but I won't agitate over an established institutional rule.
      The owner's participation very much clarified the situation and served the community well.