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Jun 30, 2009 12:04 PM

Chinatown Takeout

Takeout orders suffer at some restaurants. What are the best bets for takeout in Chinatown in terms of cost (reasonable), portion (decent), variety (not the typical Americanized stuff in brown sauce) and, of course, quality? I'm not talking about delivery, just picking up for takeout.

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  1. The places where I've had the best luck for takeout, include Peach Farm, Best Little Restaurant and Winsor Dim Sum.

    There's a recent thread about a fantastic take out dish at the Great Taste restaurant, that's making me want to go there and try that too.

    1. Potluck cafe on Knapp St.

      1. Xinh Xinh does a very good job on the to-go packaging for their soups. They keep the noodles, bean sprouts, etc. separate so they don't overcook in the hot broth. Was a pleasant surprise, and I've since gotten take-out from them frequently.

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          Second Xinh Xinh. Pho Hoa also does sprouts etc. separate, but I don't recall if the noodles were in the broth or not.

        2. Depending on what you're looking for, Vinh Sun's delicious meats are available to go. Just walk up to the front counter, tell him how much you want and he'll chop it up, throw it in a container and you're off.

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            Yes, try Vinh Sun or one of the other bbq places and something like the soy sauce chicken or steamed chicken or roast duck or pork, you're in for a treat. Been thinking about this a lot lately, the chicken at these places is prepared so well and likely so much fresher than the ones bought roasted whole at normal grocery stores, an oft-neglected treasure.....

          2. Dong Khanh is good for takeout.

            I also like Chinatown Cafe for takeout because their portions are the same whether eating in or taking out. Hong Kong Eatery gives you more meat when you eat in, but when you carry out, I've usually noticed it's a lot of rice and not as much veggies and meat.