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Jun 30, 2009 11:26 AM

Where to find Monin syrup in Calgary

NW or downtown core preferably

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  1. I bought mine at the Co-Op in the far NW (Creekside). I would assume any Co-Op would have it. It was right beside the "grind your own" coffee.

    1. Go to the Cappucinno King in the NE/NW, Edmonton trail, they have all the selection that you want.

      I got some from them last year, good luck

      410 23 Avenue Ne

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      1. re: wine guru

        Lydia's italian market also sells Monin

      2. I tried Hamptons Co-op, but didn't see it there... didn't make it all the way up to Creekside.

        Bavin, I hope you mean Lina's italian market, because I'll try there tonight.

        Cappuccino King's hours make it hard to get there while they're open.


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        1. re: Strider

          Yup I did mean Lina`s was having a dead day lol

        2. Thanks Bavin.

          Did end up finding it at Lina's ... $14/btl though.
          Too bad we don't have anyone like 1st-line up here that sells it for $6/btl... and they don't ship orders less than $1k to Canada. Group buy anyone?? lol

          1. Sorry for digging up an older thread but I am looking for Monin (or other) syrups in smaller bottles. Does anybody know where to find some? DT or NW would be great.

            Regular sized (1 liter?) syrups are available downtown at Urban Bean by the way. They have a nice selection!

            PS: They also see the pumps to top the bottles. Very handy!