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Jun 30, 2009 11:03 AM

Oysters in Portland

We're making our annual Portland pilgrimage this weekend and need some oyster help. We've enjoyed Dan and Louis' many times for fresh local oysters on the half shell at half price during happy hour. Where else would you recommend? I saw Alberta St Oyster Bar mentioned previously, but am not familiar with it. We'll be staying in S.E., but have a car. Thanks.

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  1. Alberta Street Oyster Bar closed last weekend.

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    1. Great (best in town) selection and decent prices, and some hard to find oysters like the awesome Shigokus - EaT: an oyster bar (great oysters, lousy website):
      And they often twitter what oysters they have:

      ten-01 has $1 oysters at happy hour, one of the best bartenders, and one of the best sommeliers in the city:

      Davis Street Tavern does some delicious half shells with smoked steelhead trout roe...seriously delicious. They are $1ea at happy hour and about $10/plate of 3 or 4 otherwise. They are on the lunch, dinner, tavern, and hh menus. The food and drink here are wonderful. Also, hh here starts at 4pm on Sat. and goes to 6:30.

      And you've been to Dan and Louis, which would have made this list too.

      I love oysters and these are my faves. ENJOY!

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        Thank you, JillO. We'll do our best to hit them all and will definitely enjoy!

      2. Belly has oysters on their happy hour menu as well, which I enjoyed:

        1. Based on your recommendations, we gave tried and true Dan and Louis' a pass on this visit, with no regrets. We sampled oysters at Ten-01 and EAT Oyster Bar. Ten-01 only had one variety, but we enjoyed them in quantity. EAT Oyster Bar had a tempting selection of six different types, of which we tried four. They were all sweet and succlent, but the Hama Hamas were amazing.
          Thanks for your help!

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            Thanks for reporting back! Glad you enjoyed EaT and ten-01...always glad to help a fellow oyster-phile!