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Jun 30, 2009 10:59 AM

What happened to Lola's in Oak Bluffs, Marthas Vineyard????

Just read on MVOL that the Mediterranen restaurant was moving to a new location (formerly Lola's). While I'm happy for the Mediterranen getting a larger location, I'm really sad to think that Lola's has closed? Does anyone know what the scoop is? Can't imagine going to Vineyard without a stop at Lola's for some spicy mussels and crawfish.

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  1. The owners, Kathy and Paul, have moved on and will be missed. Mediterranean is doing a wonderful job with the space however and they are the perfect people to take it over. It's all been freshly painted and upgraded, and it has lost some of its cozy warm feeling, yet it feels very much the same in many ways. It is a huge space and it seems a bit challenging to the new owners in some ways. They are always offering live music and the menu is just amazing. We were there one night not too long ago and the waitress was so overwhelmed by the three different menus that she sat down with us and threw up her hands. They have different seating areas and it seems that you can only order from certain menus depending on where you are seated. ("If you stay here, you can only order from this menu, but if you move right over there, you can order from two of them...." What is that about?) We had a fantastic meal, with the ultimate fantasy desserts. I am NOT a dessert eater but totally went crazy with sampling various sweet things emerging from the kitchen. Stunning looking and just over the top good. We'll all miss Lola's but change is good, and the Mediterranean has been a very consistent favorite here for a long time. Just hope they can make a go of it in this enormous space.

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      Thanks so much for the update. I will greatly miss Lola's as well, and have many happy memories of times spent there for both dinner and entertainment in the lounge. It was one of my favorites on the island. That said, I'm sure the people from the Mediterranean will do a wonderful job. Has anything gone into their old location? It was a lovely spot.

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        Yes, it was instantly snapped up by the owners of the Waterside Market on Main St. in VH. They are calling the new place The Blue Canoe. Have not been yet, so can't report in. I have heard that they are offering an "affordable" menu but "affordable" on MV still provides some sticker shock to visitors.

    2. Fans of Lola's in Oak Bluffs, MV can relax. Lola's is back and better that ever.
      A friend recommended it and it was on the same property as our hotel. Althought we didn't eat there, the restaurant was full as was Sunday brunch. Live music from "Full Unit" was amazing on weekends with a DJ on other nights. Lola's is by far the hottest place on the island. A must stop when in MV.
      When we asked the hostesses if this was a temporary situation we got an emphatic "Lola's is back and here to stay".

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        Thanks, but can you give us more info as to location etc? I did a search and couldn't find a website, not even a listing on mvol.

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            Lola's is back in the exact same location as it was before. So if you went there before Mediterranean came in to the space, you'll be familiar with it. As you leave OB heading for State Beach and Edgartown, with the ocean on your left, it is about a mile out of town on your right. There's a big sign, but this just happened about a week ago now so it's all a new situation. They are VERY busy!

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              OMG this is wonderful news! I had a feeling you were going to say it was the old location, but what confused me was that the Mediterrean still has their website up and running. Have they moved to another location? I always thought this location was too large for them, and they seemed more comfortable at the Vineyard Haven spot. I'm so excited to hear about Lola's, hopefuly they'll have their website up and running soon. I always go to the vineyard right after Labor Day and now I have something really to look forward to.

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                As good as Lola's was when it first opened, from a food standpoint their last few years were pretty sad. Here's hoping a new owner or chef has resurrected the place. I can't see Mediterranean re-opening this summer. Where would they go? That is a shame. Med was really coming on. Guess they bit off more than they could chew (sorry for the pun).

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                  I'm with you on this, thos. Lola's is fun for dancing and atmosphere but the food has never been known for being in the top tier on the island. I have communicated directly with the Mediterranean folks. They are heart broken but trying to regroup. The season is so short and there are no empty spaces right now with one exception, which would not be right for them. Once the summer ends, they may have some choices. I adored the food at Mediterranean.

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                    Mixed feelings for me, I always loved the vibe and people at Lola's, and while I never cared for their brunch, I absolutely loved some of their mussel and more cajun dishes at dinner. I would never think of being on the Vineyard without a stop at Lola's. That said, the only time I visited the Mediterrean was when it was in Vineyard Haven and I thought it was outstanding. It just seems that this location may have been too much for them. I hope they find another location.