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Jun 30, 2009 10:44 AM

No res at Apiary or Scarpetta...where to go?

Last minute, decided to do a joint birthday dinner with some friends. Thought we might get lucky on reservations since Saturday is the 4th, go. Apiary was my first choice, Scarpetta my second--neither have availabilities. Where else, 'Hounds? Perilla is open, but have already been there--would consider going back. Not looking for something along the lines of EMP; more casual, less pricey, fun but not loud? Any neighborhood is fine--would love to hear what you all think!

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  1. Ever been to Hearth? Its a fave, and I like Apiary and Scarpetta too.

    1. Weather is supposed to be beautiful, so why not try the garden at Gascogne? Food is great, atmosphere is casual, garden is gorgeous, prices are reasonable.

      1. Here are some great places that show availability on Opentable:

        10 Downing
        Bar Blanc

        1. Got to do the prix fix at Convivio.

          1. Peasant is a fun place for celebration. Good Tuscan food, too.

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              Agree with Peasant or its sister restaurant Apizz.

              Also, Little Giant is often overlooked on this board and, I believe, a great place for a fun and low key meal.