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Jun 30, 2009 10:37 AM

Looking for a fun dinner in San Francisco- Suggestions please!

My husband and I are traveling to San Francisco in mid-August (we're young professionals). We have reservations for 2 of our 3 nights there...slanted door one night, and a sushi place another.
We're moderate foodies and are looking for something fun, different, only-can-get-in-San-Francisco for our last night. We are hoping to avoid the really pricey places like Gary Danko's, but something reasonable.
Love seafood, asian, mexican...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Where are you guys coming from? That'll help with ideas so we don't suggest places that you can get at your home.

    The new hot place right now is called Flour + Water in the Mission. In fact, there are many great places in the Mission and you might want to select someplace there just to experience that neighborhood. Other good restaurants there are Bar Tartine, Beretta, and Spork. There's a lot more.

    Flour + Water is pizza and Italian with California twist. It's great for young professionals and more casual than fancy. Definitely try the pasta.

    1. I suggest Dosa. There is one on Valencia in the Mission (does not reserve) and another (larger) version on Fillmore street that does take reservations. Its South Indian, very unique and a lot of fun. The Fillmore street location has a nice bar.

      1. One other suggestion! SPQR on Fillmore is fabulous. Go early and sit at the bar. YUM!

        1. Ame may be beyond your budget, but it is certainly "only in SF" and certainly mind-blowingly good. I'd splurge the extra $25 total on the final bill and eat there.

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            Thanks for the info on ame...I was just curious as to the extra $25 there some hidden fee, is that the tip or what? I'm just hoping to be prepared, since I did make reservations there for one night. Thanks!

            1. re: laurenpk

              hmmm... I have NO IDEA what I was talking about! The only thing I could have possibly meant was that total bill at Ame is generally $25 more than total bill at Slanted Door assuming similar wine choices??? Truly, I have NO CLUE why I wrote that!

              I'm glad you're eating there. It is one of my very favorite restaurants in the city, and deffinitely "only in SF" type place.

              Please report back to let us know how you like it.

          2. Colibri Mexican Bistro- AMAZING, great atmosphere/bar scene. The food was just awesome.

            LOVED the Slanted Door- it was packed, but with reservations we had a nice view of the bay bridge. Service was a little terse, but the food was all wonderful.

            Changes in plans led us to Perbacco for a lovely italian dinner. It felt like being a local- lots of after-work drinkers, and the service was great too.

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              Perbacco is one of my very favorites, SD is always fun. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

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                try Medjool on Mission, I don't think restaurants get much more fun than that