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Jun 30, 2009 10:25 AM

Anybody go to Truffles lately?

I know some people posted bad reviews on Truffles recently, but now they have a 3 course menu for $49

which seems like a great deal and a chance for me to try the restaurant. So... should I go?

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  1. This was the reply I gave to a similar enquiry on June 18:
    Last night, my companion had the sweetbreads for a starter and gave me a taste - we both thought they were delicious. I had the asparagus salad which was pleasant enough but nothing special. As you both eat fish one of you might like to try the raw fish starter called kampapachi crudo I wish now I had. I thoroughly enjoyed my sweet and juicy scallops but my companion thought her halibut was a little on the dry side though redeemed by a splendid sauce. It's a pleasantly quiet room with tables far apart and the service is excellent. I think you should have an enjoyable and not too expensive evening there.

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      I should have added that we had the $39.00 for two course menu not the $49.00 for three. James Chatto has an enthusiatic review of the $49.00 menu in the most recent Toronto Life. For his three courses he choose the sweetbreads, the campapchi crudo and the partridge but partridge wasn't on offer the evening we went.