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Jun 30, 2009 10:14 AM

Opinion on Trevor Kitchen & Bar?

I wanted to know if anyone has recently been to Trevor Kitchen and Bar on Wellsley? I've noticed some early reviews which were positive but has anyone been there recently? Has the food maintained a high standard?

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  1. Hey I went there last year and it was pretty good. I had the sucking pig which was an extremely rich dish and very satisfying.

    1. I believe you mean on Wellington st. I was there a few times in the winter - it's an after work favorite of mine for drinks and bites. Once had a fantastic meal at the chef's table in back - great experience, although not appreciated by my bay street companions. Have also been to 3 or 4 hosted parties there that always went off without a hitch. Although on my last visit the usual bartender had left which is sad since he could mix up some great cocktails!

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      1. re: JaclynS

        Don't worry he didn't leave, just went to part time and works on the floor now!

      2. I just walked by it on my lunch and it looks awfully closed. Sorry, guys!

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        1. re: mtmontour

          I walked by about a week ago and it looked like the place next door has closed (I double- checked to see that Trevor's menu was still up); mind you, I could be mistaken.

          1. re: urbnmns

            I called earlier today actually they are still open :)

          2. re: mtmontour

            You may be seeing the papered windows on the soon-to-open "Swish by Han," formerly the Solferino gelato place. Trevor just has a small doorway and is easy to miss.

          3. Oh, I was confused by the paper in the window too! I see that it is on the summlercious list this time around. Keep that in mind if you don't like crowds. When I checked a few weeks ago they also had a prix-fix menu on their website that was just $4 or $5 more than summerlicious menu.