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Jun 30, 2009 10:02 AM

Queen on Court Street-What to order?

Hey guys. Excited to be trying this place. have serached the boards. Seems like the mozzarella appetizer is great and that generally its best to offer from the specials menu. But, what are some can't miss items? Also, if we don't have a pasta and an entree, which is the better way to go? Thanks.


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  1. To my mind, Queen is the best restaurant in downtown Brooklyn. I've never ordered a dish that was less than very good. I especially recall some outstanding scallops. A great deal is the prix fixe menu that is offered if your arrive before 6:30 (I'm pretty sure that's the cutoff time). You get an appetizer, entree, dessert and coffee for a reasonable price. Excellent entree choices on this menu are the veal and pork dishes. As for dessert, their cannolis are out of this world!

    1. Agreed, Queen can be (note; can be) one of the best. Our rule of thumb is always order from the specials menu, and ignore the rather pedestrian regular menu. It would be a shame not to order pasta and an entree (not to mention some fabulous antipasti and salads) - i'd say order one of each course and share.

      1. Sounds good so far. Dinner is tonight so any feedback from other Queen veterans would be appreciated.

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          My husband likes anything they make with broccoli raab, sometimes the pork scallopini, sometimes the (excellent) housemade sausages. I can't remember anything off the specials menu that appealed to me enough to order it being anything but delicious. The desserts are also excellent - sorbetti/gelati, panna cotta, etc.

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            We had lunch there yesterday - the mozzarella in the Caprese was wonderful, as was the cold veal salad with frisée - nice and piquant -, the casingless sausages with mixed vegetables and the pork loin with prosciutto and favas were both delicious, and the desserts as usual did not disappoint, my husband had the coppa antica of ice cream, candied pecans, amarena cherries with espresso poured over top, I had the gelati (torrone was amazing, cherry also, pistachio delicious but a bit too sticky to my taste). The Barbera on the specials menu was very good with the food as well. This is my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn by far, I am always very happy to eat there.

        2. Lucky you!

          The food at QUEEN can be outstanding. I would suggest ordering from the Special Menu. The food is very refined and delicious. Far from your "red sauce." Southern Italian.

          The Menu changes fairly often. I'm sure you will have a memorable dinner.