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Jun 29, 2009 11:44 PM

Mongolia [from UK Board]

I really enjoyed my time in Mongolia before picking up the TS Express. UB is an ugly town but with huge energy and the people are some of the most welcoming I met anywhere.

You will find the city, because of the vast number of ex-pats working there in the mining industry, has lots if international restaurants selling pizza, hamburgers etc etc but there are some great local places too

Is a fun place, set up to raise money for local kids. Horse meat is a big feature and they did, if I remember rightly, very decent kushur.

Another place to try is the restaurant of the Chinggis Brewery. The beer is very good and the menu, although primarily aimed at German ex-pats, also has some interesting local dishes. The beer is some of the best and they also make a potent vodka

When you get out to the wilderness (one of the most beautiful places on earth) I am sure you will be offered airag, the fermented mare's milk. It's not particularly fun stuff, but it's rude not to accept.

You are going to have a fun time. I would love to go back


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks Simon. I'll post about it when we get back...

      1. Simon, just wanted to say I loved your book. It's my favorite of the ones I've read on food and travel in quite a while. I didn't get the impression that you were terribly happy with the time you spent in China - hope subsequent visits are better, it really is an eater's paradise.

        1. A note to Chowhound moderators: Mongolia is NOT part of China. It is an independent country, and you are probably offending some Mongolians.

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            I wasn't referring to Mongolia as part of China, I was referring to the section of the book about his time in China. Regret any offense taken by parties Mongolian or otherwise.

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              I wasn't commenting on your post, just the fact that the mods had apparently moved the original post from the UK board to the China board.

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                Aha yes, that is odd. Perhaps more likely to find an audience there than on general Asia board however.

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                  Well, I for one, dear moderators, would be happy if you set up a separate Mongolian board. It was my original post about a Mongolian place in London that Simon replied to, which I tried out because I'm off to Mongolia three weeks tomorrow. If I promise faithfully to document the food we have there will you set one up?!

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                    Sorry, but at this time we're not able to set up new boards.