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Jun 30, 2009 08:54 AM

Canadian Poutine in London

Does anyone know if you can get this anywhere in London. Or indeed the Uk! I keep reading about it on US websites and it sounds amaaaazing!!

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  1. Isn't it just chips ('french fries') topped with cheese and gravy (the stuff they serve over Yorkshire pudding?). Finding the best cheese might be tricky. Cheese curds are chunks of young cheddar - preferably fresh enough that they 'squeak' when eaten. It does sound like perfect pub food.

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    1. re: paulj

      Not quite. It is made with cheese curds which in my experience have proven quite elusive in England.

      I miss real poutine.

      1. re: srboisvert

        That seems to be the problem in most places where the local cheese makers haven't adopted the idea of selling their unripened cheese to the public. Someone has to convince one of your good farmhouse cheddar makers that there's a market for curds.

    2. If there's anywhere in London that has poutine, it will be the Maple Leaf Pub in Maiden Lane Covent Garden.

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      1. re: themags

        They have it, but it's not worth getting unfortunately.

      2. Just been told that it's Canada Day in Trafalgar Square today - they've got a 'taste it' section, so you might get lucky or at least find someone who can point you in the right direction.

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        1. re: DollyDagger

          They did sell them at Canada Day last year. If you're just curious about it it does the job, as does the one at the Maple Leaf Pub.
          But as a québécois ex-pat I have to say I have yet to find authentic poutine outside Québec.

          1. re: jesswatts

            What makes a poutine authentic? I am from Vancouver and there are a few Quebecois places that sell poutine (including a spot that only sells poutine), but even still, the consensus is that they aren't nearly as good as in the mother province.

            Are the cheese curds from a specific supplier in Quebec (like a DPO designations in Italiy)? Is the gravy something unique? I can't understand why it would be difficult to replicate, but apparently it is.

            1. re: brokentelephone

              My understanding (I never touched the stuff, despite a decade in Montreal, but let's get past that) is that it's again of getting cheese curds. It seems it's only in Quebec that anybody bothers to sell them, and they're only good (i.e. squeaky fresh) for a day or so. Which makes getting a hold of it even within most of Canada an expensive job at best.

          2. re: DollyDagger

            Damn, I read this a day too late! Did anyone get to try some this year? I guess its the Maple Leaf for me then!

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. This is very late, but in case anyone gets here via Google. Foxtrot Oscar in London has poutine on their menu: