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East enders - help!!

I'm not familiar with Leslieville - and I need to have dinner around Queen and Leslie tonight. We're looking for something casual and licensed with mains under $20 - something along the lines of Utopia or pub-ish. Can anybody offer any suggestions?
So far my research has lead me towards The Roy Public House... I've looked at Tomi Kro, The Citizen and they look a tad expensive. Leslie Jones looks good, but really pasta centric.
Thanks for any help!

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  1. I haven't hit every spot on the Queen East strip...but a few have been pretty good.

    Table 17...the food was good, and prices likely to be in your wheelhouse
    L'il Baci - think terroni-esque

    I've also eaten at The Citizen. It was pretty good, but think the prices are higher than $20. It wasn't good enough to get me back there.

    The Roy could suit your needs, but so far the food hasn't got good reviews.

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      Have heard of Table 17 and had a look at their menu. Without having been there myself, would you say it's a good evening out type of place that happens to be close by? I'm guessing (and hoping) it's not unlike Weezie's in terms of menu and atmosphere.

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        Agree totally about The Citizen.

        Nice room, friendly service, good food and drinks. If only the pricing was edited a little better -- I don't mind paying more but their price points went over what I would reasonably expect to pay.

        I don't think I'll be back either considering the other options so close by.

      2. The salads and pizzas are good at Leslie Jones and they have a nice backyard patio.

        1. Why not try the just-opened Ceili Cottage? I haven't eaten there yet but given Patrick's reputation that he's built at Starfish, you are bound to have a better meal there then at The Roy (food is not that great IMO, but nice decor and ambience).

          As long as you don't go nuts on oysters, it seems like the Ceili Cottage is in your price range for sure: http://www.ceilicottage.com/pdf/Cotta...

          1. Leslie Jones or Table 17 are good options. Food is good and very fairly priced at Leslie Jones, and the patio is nice. Food is perhaps slightly better at Table 17, but no patio.

            1. Thanks all for your suggestions. I think we'll check out Ceili Cottage.

              1. While not pubish I highly recommend Hanoi 3 Seasons (1135 Queen St. E) for a casual but beautiful restaurant and great North Vietnamese food, also very inexpensive. Also there's Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant Italian Restaurant @ the corner of queen and leslie (located in an old bank - no name on building). I really enjoy Table 17 but it's not necessarily inexpensive.

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                  Strongly second Hanoi 3 Seasons. Perhaps this is a matter of personal preferences though. I would take good Vietnamese over pub-ish 10 to 1.

                2. I've had good meals at both L'il Baci and Gio Rana's. L'il Baci was more recently and they had a nice patio and pleasant service. Gio Rana's was about a year ago. Good food. Enjoyed the meatball and a salad that had avocado in it and there some good pasta dishes on the table, but I would avoid the gnocchi. It was disappointing.
                  I have also heard good things about Leslie Jones and Table 17, but haven't been yet.

                  1. I really enjoy Table 17, nice casual cool vibe. The Roy has crap food. Citizen has GREAT food but probably over $20, great beer list too. Hanoi 3 Seasons is a great suggestion, way cheaper than any of the other options mentioned, and alcohol is often good with spicy food. Haven't been to Ceili Cottage, but I'd like to. Love the name. Anybody tried Blue Moon Cafe?

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                      I like Table 17 - the chilli ribs are great. Dinner is better than lunch I feel... and yes - stay away from the Roy for food - chicken curry is grotesque - example - a tiny amount of curry sauce out of a bottle on some defrosted thighs, on yesterday's gummy rice with chopped scallions. EEuugh!!! They don't have a chef they have a food assembler.