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Jun 30, 2009 08:07 AM

NY-Style Dumpling House in Boston?

Hi all,

Just returned from an outstanding weekend in NYC. Our hotel happened to be located in Chinatown, so I decided to explore that area a bit more this trip. From doing some research online before we went (here on Chowhound, of course), we "found" two tiny hole in the wall dumpling restaurants. We had the most outstanding food at both of them.

We stuffed ourselves with pork and chive fried dumplings ($1 for 5), fried pork buns ($1 for three), chicken and basil dumplings ($1 for 8), ham and egg stuffed pancakes ($1 each), and these amazing sesame pancakes, stuffed with chinese vegetables and roasted pork ($1 per large slice). Two of us left the place absolutely stuffed, for a grand total of $7.00.

So of course now, I'm wondering if places like this are to be found here in Chinatown? While I've eaten at Gourmet Dumpling House and enjoyed it, it isn't at all the same, and it's certainly much more expensive. In my wanderings around Boston's Chinatown, I haven't seen anything at all like this.

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    1. I had the same experience a couple of weeks ago in NYC, we probably went to the same places...those sesame pancakes are great and the dumplngs so cheap and delish.

      There was another post on this same topic recently

      I don't know of anyplace like the ones in NYC.....

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        HA!...I should have known I wasn't the only one here with that question. It was, in fact, Prosperity Dumpling in NYC that we went to, along with Vanessa's Dumplings.

        If any of you hounds find yourself in NYC Chinatown, give them a try. I guess I'll have to go back myself if I want more of the same :(

      2. You can always try Quin Dao Garden in North Cambridge - Mass Ave. outside Porter Square. While the Chinese food is nothing too much to write home about, the dumplings are FANTASTIC! Also, I made some homemade dumplings from an recipe and modified it a bit. They were so good that the b-friend and I were STUFFED full of them! I made a few modifications - I used storebought rangoon wrappers, I didn't have cabbage so I used spinach, and I didn't have dried shrimp so I just omitted it. Everything else I followed to the letter. Here's a link to the recipe. A little bit of work but there's enough to freeze - definitely worth it!

        Qingdao Garden Restaurant
        2382 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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          the dumplings at qingdao are good. but the ones at the NYC dumpling house (at least the one i'm familiar with) are better.

          that said, i must respectfully disagree with your assessment of qingdao. they are not the best northern chinese restaurant i've ever eaten in, but they do some things quite well, especially (though not exclusively) things off the back page. they do have consistency problems with the kitchen, however.

          i would be overjoyed to discover a NYC style dumpling house in boston. as it is, whenever i'm in NYC i stock up on as many dumplings, beef sandwiches and the like as i can physically carry. that usually sets me back about $10.