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Jun 30, 2009 07:34 AM

Breakfast spot along Route 2, heading West?

Looking for a breakfast or lunch place along/off Route 2 in MA. Suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Rt 2 is a long stretch of road. Outside Boston? Before 495? Mid-state?

    1. Well, I just had a very good breakfast with an outstanding cup of coffee at the Wagon Wheel in Gill. Second year in a row stopping there and loving it. I had a cajun sausage special with peppers, home fries, over easy eggs and wheat toast.

      1. Not knowing specifics, Nancy's Airfield Cafe, a short detour off Rt. 2, in Stowe is fun. I've liked the the Moran Sq. diner in Fitchburg, plus a little greasy spoon on the ride into Fitchburg that's decent. Further west, the Miss Adams in Adams is good. Sounds like they've taken a retro/kitschy turn earlier this year.

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          Anywhere from Fitchburg heading west would be good. Like the suggestions so far, though. Thanks.

        2. The restaurant at the Fitchburg airport does a nice breakfast.

          1. Eastern, central or western Mass.? Route 2 runs from Boston to NY State line.