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Jun 30, 2009 07:13 AM

Dinner for under $35 pp in soho or adjacent TONIGHT?

Having dinner with a friend from California tonight (which means no Mexican or sushi, as she's had far superior out west). She wants to eat in Soho or Soho adjacent. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just went to Kuma Inn on LES close to Orchard Street. Food was small plates but excellent ...My wife and I had a great time ordering and its BYOB which holds down the price.

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      Mooncake always works if your'e on a budget in Soho. If you're careful you could do 35 pp at Lupa too.

    2. Kuma In would be a great option in the LES, so is Café Katja, a dimly lit Austrian hangout. Take a look also at the pizza at L'asso and the unique Australian options at Eight Mile Creek.

      1. if the weather's nice, sit outside at bar pitti for italian. be sure to get the burrata as a starter.

        for more festive indoors, you could do Lulu, Bread, Barmarche or Lucky Strike. all solid brasserie's. the one's in nolita have the added charm of the distinctly non-californian surroundings.

        1. - Bianca (Italian) in Noho on Bleecker
          - Lupa (Italian) in Central Village on Thompson
          - barmarche (New American?) in Nolita on Spring
          - Rhong Tiam (Thai) in Central Village on W Broadway

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            i second bianca. cash only but worth it.

          2. Boqueria on Spring bet Thompson / West Broadway