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Penny's Pizza (Limerick) Re-opening?

Can it be true? I heard that Penny's Pizza on Ridge Pike in Limerick is going to re-open soon? Their pizza was the BEST in the area! Please let it be true!

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  1. There is a HUGE sign that says "Guess who's coming back" which literally has made my day. That place has the BEST pizza I've ever had, hands down.

    1. Wow, this is HUGE!!!! When I was little (in the 1970's) we lived over in Limerick and always had Penny's Pizza. In 1974 we moved very close to Harleysville, though we always drove 20 minutes each way to pick up Penny's. It was such a tragedy when they closed down!!! This made my day.

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        where exactly is this Penny's- what's it near?

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          It is (or was) at 68 W Ridge Pike, Limerick. Not far from the intersection of Township Line Rd and Ridge Pk, near all the new shops like Target, Acme, and Sonic.

      2. I can't wait to add them to my blog! It's been a long time since I've had one of their pies. I hope it'll still be as good as I remember.

        1. Penny's? Really?? I moved to Collegeville last year and my only disappointment was that Penny's was gone! I used to get their pizza, steakbolis and lasagna regularly, back in the '80's. As you said, please let it be true!

          1. Heard the same thing! I heard the son (Bill) is coming back and getting it going again! Can't wait! I will get just the plain pizza, but I have a friend who wants to order 30 Penny-boli's!!!!

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              I drove into their lot this past Monday as I was in the area and wanted to see if it was going to be open soon. Other than the "Guess Who's Coming Back" sign out front, it looked deserted and there appeared to be no activity going on like cleaning or renovation. I also noticed their electric meter was pulled, so there is nothing going on there right now. Hopefully we will have some Penny's pies soon, though!

            2. Yes! There is a God! I just got off the phone with the Twp. Building Code personnel, and they told me, "yes, the same family is returning." "they just filed their application in the Building Code office." my husband and I have also missed Penny's pizza and
              strombolies. Pizza Hut and Papa Johns suck so bad that I've stopped eating pizza altogether. and other small family run shops never came close to Pennys.
              The owners should have a big re-opening party, like an Italian Fest, on the back lot and invite all us loyal customers. I sure they're reading this blog site.
              Welcome Back Pennys!!!!

              1. Thank you all for your support. We are very excited about coming back. I will keep you posted when opeing day will be. We are hoping for Sept.

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                  WOOOOO HOOOOO!
                  I've been eating at Penny's since I was a baby I think! When Diamond Glass was still around, my dad's payday was on Thursdays, we'd order a Penny's pizza, go pick it up then pick him up at Cincy's bar. Then we'd head home and enjoy that wonderful pie!!!

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                    I have not posted here for many years, but this is such good news, I'll make an exception. WELCOME BACK PENNY'S !!!!

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                      I can't wait! I am so glad you are returning. I have told everyone that you have the best pizza, so be prepared. Again, welcome back.

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                        So wonderful to know it's really true! You will have the same recipes, won't you?

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                          You should set up a website, or at least a FaceBook FAN page and keep us apprised.

                        2. I've heard the opening may be the second week in September

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                            hey all!

                            Mark your calendars because October 1st at 3 o'clock is the day that Penny's Pizza re-opens. I know I'll be in line for my Penny's that night!! Woo hoo!!

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                              Yep heard the same thing...I heard the same phone # also...I think it will be impossible to get an order in the first day or the first weekend. It was hard enough before they closed!! I can remember hitting redial for an hours straight before!!!

                          2. October 3rd 3pm...opening

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                                I got my two pies today at 4, they were SWAMPED, just like I thought! Called the order in at 2:30 and was shocked that I got through; I think their phones melted down, LOL

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                                  How did they taste? Exactly like before??? I have been trying to call since 3:15 completely busy the entire time, I am giving up for this evening. Maybe I'll get some before the weekend is out.

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                                    Reports are cars were parked all the way down the street, and huge lines up the steps. People ordered in person, and went back 2.5 hrs. later to pick up. At least one person on Facebook says the taste is exactly the same.

                              2. I drove by Penny's last night around 6pm and there were cars lining both sides of Ridge. So I have to ask - fellow CHs how was it? Dying to hear some details!

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                                  I thought it was just a bit thicker than I remembered, but maybe it’s just in my head. Flavor, looks were spot on, lots of cornmeal on the crust which tasted just like I recall.

                                  It was very cool to see that they recreated the Penny’s of old with the same layout, counter, old sign above the cash register, etc. It was like they sealed up the place and never touched it, when in reality it was completely remodeled when Amato’s (they were lousy, tried them once and never went back) took it over and it looked very different inside.

                                  I got there at 3:50 pm to pick up my pies at 4. There were already about 20 cars in that little lot, about 50 more parked up and down Ridge and easily 75-80 people in line just to order a pie. They were completely swamped and I heard the girl working the register say that they took the phone off the hook. She also said “we didn’t know it was going to be like this!” I told her it was going to be like this for a month or so.

                                  I’m glad they are back.

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                                    Is the sauce sweet or savory? Curious because I want to try it but I don't like sweet sauce like Peace a Pizza.

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                                      If you don't like sweet pizza, avoid Penny's. It is the MOTHER of all sweet pizzas.

                                2. I was there last Thursday. One hour 45 minutes in line. Started at the bottom of the steps and made it to the door in like 25 minutes. Then I had to stand inside watching all of those pies coming out of the oven bubbling hot and smelling that wonderful Penny's pizza for over an hour! Torture!!! I finally put my order in and 2 1/2 hours later I was back waiting in line to pick up my pies. It is exactly like it was before, I don't think it's changed a single bit!! I heard that they closed early on Sunday, proably ran out of product! I've NEVER seen it anything like that...

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                                    I got mine last Saturday....ordered at 3:30pm, received pizza at 7:00pm!!!!!!
                                    Was it worth the wait? OHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!!
                                    EXACTLY......let me say that again.....EXACTLY as I remembered from "back-in-the-day!"
                                    Sure, they have some growing pains to go through but the very first bite caused EVERY memory associated with old school Penny's Pizza, to come flooding back. They say you can never go back......but you know what? You sure can go back and visit......often I would suggest!!!!!

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                                      It's IMPOSSIBLE to get through on the phone to this place! I wanted one so bad and live only about 15 minutes away, I stopped on my way home last week and ordered one in person. 3 hour wait, so I came back after 7 and picked it up. It's worth it! So I tried the same today and could not even get in the parking lot, there were about 50 cars jammed in there and this was 3:45 pm!!!

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                                        I guess I'll wait and have them for Thanksgiving....

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                                          It IS very difficult to get through by phone to place an order.....I wish I had a "Demon Dialer!" I was able to get through this past weekend for my 2nd Masterpiece.......they found their grove....even better than the first one! That taste is "one-of-a-kind." Still a 4 hour wait though....now how good does pizza have to be to wait 4 hours to get it?

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                                            heh heh...I stood in line for an hour 45 just to order!!!! Than another 2/12, actually 3 until ready! I heard rumors that they my start delivery. I don' t know how they could possibley contemplate this with the business they are banging right now. Maybe in another month or so....