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Lunch Near Parker Meridien

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Any suggestions for lunch within walking diestance of Le Parker Meridien? I'm meeting my stepdaugher and we have lots to catch up on. Thank you!

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  1. Address/cross street? Cuisine prefs? Day/time? Atmosphere? Price/person? Help us help you, thanks.


    1. The Modern or Milos for fancy.
      Quality Meats for Steak.
      Angelos on 57th for a good pizza.

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      1. re: lawgirl1984

        I agree with Angelos! It's great pizza, a casual atmosphere, and they'll have no problems with you lingering.

        1. re: jenhen2

          Thanks so much everyone. Looks like we'll be going to Angelo's for pizza and salads. Thanks you!

      2. rue57 is a good lunch spot close by... the food's not going to change your life but the atmosphere is good, it's big and a nice place to 'catch up.'


        1. For ambiance that's conducive to conversation and good food in that area I'd suggest Beacon on 56th btw. 5th & 6th.

          1. What about Burger Joint INSIDE of LPM?

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              That's not a relaxing place to catch up at all! Delicious, yes. But not what the OP had in mind, I don't think.

            2. We stayed at the Meridien last month and had a great lunch at The Brooklyn Diner. Not fancy but good.

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                That sounds like a good idea for breakfast. Thank you!