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Jun 29, 2009 10:19 PM

Edmonton Recs


We'll be visiting up "north" for a few days next month and I wanted some restaurant recs. We'll be staying downtown at 100 Ave & 106 St near the Corona LRT station. Looking for fairly inexpensive, under $30/person total without alcohol, ethnic cuisines are fine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Blue Plate Diner is near your on 104 st - just north of Jasper. It's a funky place with an eclectic menu.

    1. Jasz, don't go to The Créperie first as it will spoil you for the rest of your visit. We usually go at least twice when visiting Edmonton. However, it ought to be near the top of your list as they have been the most consistent casual French restaurant in town for over 30 years, an amazing record. They have a table d'hote menu under your price point.

      We usually share an appetizer and split a vegetable crepe and a protein crepe and that's about the same cost. Don't be put-off by its basement location. Reservations advised.

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        Have been there before and it's already on the must-go-to list. Thanks!

      2. The sicilian pasta kitchen on Jasper and 116st is good, not too expensive, and big portions.

        1. I would also add these places that are within walking distance:
          The Free Press Bistro - sit down restaurant that serves panini sandwiches among a few other dishes
          Rigoletto's Cafe - Italian
          Haweli - Indian, lunch buffets on weekdays and I think the weekends too but you'd have to double check, can get expensive depending on what you order and is a farther walk from the place below but probably has better food
          Khazana - Indian, dinner buffets twice a week and lunch buffets on weekdays, can get expensive depending on what you order
          Kyoto - Japanese over on 109 st, okay but the food can be inconsistent
          There's a Mucho Burrito and a Marble Slab over on 109 as well in the same complex if you want burritos or ice cream.

          1. La Shish: Lebanese place on the north side of Jasper Ave. at around 116/117th street.
            Delicious kebabs, falafel, etc.

            Famoso pizzeria: just across the street from La Shish.

            For further details/reviews on either place, you can do search on this board and you'll get a bunch of opinions.