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Jun 29, 2009 10:12 PM

LA foodie to visit Bay area

Visiting the Bay area right after Labor Day and would like some recommendations for Italian, American, Seafood, Californian & Asian Fusion. Also interested in Greek or Mediterranean food as well. Not interested in taking out a second mortgage for places like the French Laundry And Gary Danko. Where do the locals go where they get consistently good food and service?

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  1. Hello Spicyfood,

    I notice that this is your 16th post to chowhound, always asking in one region or another for recommendations in a very terse way. Sometimes you thank those who give you recommendations, sometimes you don't. It looks like you've been to san francisco a few times before.

    How about a report on some of the favorite places you've already tried?

    We can then give a better recommendation, knowing what you've tried.

    1. This is asked surprisingly often. Have you tried the nifty search feature?

      There's also this:
      which might help get you started.

      One thing I've noticed is that people tend to get the best answers when they ask questions which can't be answered with a quick glance at any tourist guidebook or local newspaper's "top 100 restaurants" listing.

      Here is our local newspaper's "top 100 restaurants" listing. As you've presented things, it completely answers your question: