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There goes the neighborhood...

What is happening on the UES???????? OK Aureole left, that was planned a couple of years ago but now this!!! Orsay and Payard bistro are both leaving.... I think I am tearing up. Payard is a master with pastries, unparalleled with classic repitoire. I must say are my favorite in the city for a number of reasons one of which being that I feel like I am in France when I eat them! And then Orsay???? Where am I going to bring my dates from now on??? Impeccable atmosphere and great food...... this is a big blow............

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  1. Payard is leaving?! Is it moving or closing?

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      Payard closed because he couldn't come to terms with the landlord. He announced he will be looking for a space in which to re-open.

    2. I got an email from La Goulue that they have gotten a reprieve from the landlord for several months - so you can take your dates there instead!

      1. Oh no! Payard is one of my favorite spots for lunch or tea and a pastry. I do love the atmosphere which really does evoke the 16th arrondissement. I was there not long ago and enjoyed a croque monsieur. Please keep us posted as to the new location.

        1. MMRuth THANK YOU for picking up on my type-o. I am sorry it is La Goulue that is closing not Orsay....... I must have crossed a fuse in the "French Bistro region of the brain."
          Well I for one am so happy that Orsay will stay open I think I shall visit them tonight!! I have never dinned at La Goulue before.

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            Ah good - I didn't realize it was a "type-o" - just thought that this meant that both La Goulue and Orsay were closing. You may know this - but they have the same owners. La Goulue can be a bit more expensive, but I think that the food is better at La Goulue (which is looking for a new location I gather). I've gone there for my birthday for the last two years, because there is nothing like a glass of Lillet Blanc, the ballotine of foie gras, steak tartare with frites, profiteroles and a bottle of Pomerol, followed by an eau de vie for a late-ish lunch relatively close to where I live! Then home for a long nap.

          2. And on that subject, help, help?
            I count on Payard for the desserts that end my dinner parties... and now I have dinner to feed tomorrow night, and a beautiful chicken communing with salt overnight... BUT NO CAKE! Despair. Can anyone advise? If not, I shall rustle down to Dean and Deluca and make the best of it (I'm sure they are great, but I don't know their things and will probably choose badly) at their pastry counter. All advice gratefully accepted.

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              Have you tried Lady Mendl? I've heard v. good things about it.

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                I recognize I must have already missed your party, but in future (if you don't mind travel) go to Chelsea for wonderful French cakes/pastries at La Bergamote...

            2. Stopped in for a late brunch at Orsay, have had a great experiences there many times before and I must say it was rather disappointing,,greasy appetizers, spotty service, waited entirely too long for a side of frites...a restaurant like this should be consistent, if it could manage that there would not even be a hesitation about when the question arises "Where should we go??" It could be Orsay but for now that will slide down the list...

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                I find that the service can be spotty - sometimes I have a great experience, sometimes less so, though we usually go with nothing to do after, so it's less of a big deal. Which appetizers were problematic?

                Edit: And, one time my sister and I were told that we had to check our coats b/c "they were too big" - it's become sort of a joke between us, that somehow our coats AND us were too much for a booth!

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                  That is too bad. I work in kitchens. I have seen thousands of brunch services. Lets just say I would call it the most unprofessional service. People are late, don't show up, lose all focus and want to go home. It's like a really great waiter on Sunday morning after a night out, just doesn't care. Even though every other service the guy is a champ. I am not condoning this behavior but no matter where you go it is the same. None the less brunch is one of my favorite meals.

                2. *sigh* I just got back from Vegas, and I had to fulfill my Payard cravings there. I even brought back a pastry for my husband on the plane!

                  although the vegas prices are insane - $7 for a 4.50-5 tart at the old Payard. And they had no St. Honore. And why oh why did Payard get rid of the Beaux arts at the NYC location?!?! I hope when they reopen that the Beaux Arts is back on the menu.

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                    the mendiant tarte!!!! I never even knew I liked nuts so much!! or the Croquant oh my god, It was so good.