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Jun 29, 2009 08:52 PM

Myers + Chang recommendations?

Need recs for what to order...

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  1. I like the tea smoked ribs and dan dan noodles there.
    They've also got these drinks they mix themselves that aren't bad.

    1. The vegetable side dishes are excellent, if not the bargain they used to be ($8-9 vs. the former $4-5). Not many misses on the menu. Asian short rib tacos are superb. Love the noodles, salads (two slaws and tiger's tears), most of the dumplings, stir fries, mu la lat skewers, spicy tofu, nasi goreng, spare ribs, and pork belly buns. Less successful: whole fish, pork sliders, the pancakes, fried chicken, steak frites. Banh mi at lunch is much improved by a better, more baguette-like roll (but it's still nine bucks).

      1. My favorites include the (1) Asian pickles - a variety that included pickled slaw, radishes, cucumers, and kimchee; (2) braised pork belly buns which consisted of the doughy goodness of steamed bao, beautifully tender pork belly, hoison and cucumbers; (3) Tiger's tears - a salad made of medium rare grilled skirt steak, thai basil, and a vinagrette that was citrusy in flavor; (4) crispy spring rolls - made of mushrooms and tofu and lots of garlic; (5) scallion pancakes - which I was hoping would be Korean style and more egg-like but was Chinese style and more doughy, but it came with a delicious dipping sauce; and (6) the dan dan noodle salad - which was a cold Chinese noodle dish with lots of peanut sauce.

        1. My report from last week. My favorites were the tiger's tears and the cod.

          1. i would order something at another restaurant.