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Jun 29, 2009 08:45 PM

Northern Thai in Hollywood/SFV?

I know that there are more Northern Thai restaurants in LA. There have got to be more, right? Spicy BBQ is good, though the non-dairy creamer in the khao soi creeps me out. And I've had the khao soi at Sri Siam, which is fantastic; are there other northern dishes I should try there? I tried to find Bahn Thung today, but found only an empty storefront with a "for lease" sign in the window. Sob.

Does anybody have any other suggestions, both for restaurants to go to and dishes to try while I'm there?

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  1. Sri Siam has (had? been three years) a great sour fish curry (kaeng som?) with tamarind and lime juice. Also try sour sausage, which is a very Northern thing.

    1. One of the best in the SFV (and maybe all of LA) for Northern Thai food is Top Thai on Reseda Blvd. just a bit north of Sherman Way on the west side of the street. All their Northern specialties are at the back of their menu, (and you should discuss your desires with your waitress and see what she suggests).

      Check out this old LA Times review by Linda Burum: It's what got us to go in the first place and remains relevant to this day.

      Top Thai Cuisine
      7333 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

      1. The Bua Siam in North Hollywood serves northern Thai cuisine.

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          Bua Siam is decent, especially for the prices. You could eat very well for $10 a person.