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Sep 23, 2004 02:10 PM

Hollywood Bowl's BYOB/Alcohol policy

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I'm attending a bowl event for the first time and I understand that you are allowed to drink your own wine in the picnic areas...are you allowed to bring wine into the amplitheater area as well...I have been to other outdoor venues in CA (e.g. shoreline in the bay area) and even though they have a "no alcohol inside policy" security does not enforce the rule for events that cater to a more relaxed does the bowl handle this?..your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  1. you are fine as long as it's a non-lease event. lease events will allow you to still bring in wine but you can't bring in the bottle. you have to pour it into something plastic, which sucks.

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      For the Playboy Jazz Fesival (which I presume is a "lease" event), it was no problem to bring in multiple bottles, notwithstanding something on the ticket that said no alcohol allowed. I had a 4-bottle carrier, I was never questioned or challenged about it. Virtually everyone in the box seats had bottles of wine.

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        I think the Jazz festival was sponsored, but I think was a part of the regular Bowl season, not a leased event. I know the Who concert was a leased event, and there was NO glass bottle permitted in the Bowl (like other poster - plastic all the way - they said no alcohol, but my understanding was that if you had transferred alcohol to a plastic bottle, that was allowed in.)

        1. re: pam

          I'm pretty sure the Playboy is a leased event--it wasn't an event shown on the official Bowl website. My guess is the policy for the Who was different because of the act--they'll be more restrictive for rock & roll than jazz or classical. Remember a bunch of people died in a drunken melee at a Who concert (in Cleveland, I think) years ago, after that all venues got a lot tighter for rock acts.

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            It's all a matter of insurance.

            1. re: Grog

              Below is a link to the Bowl's website. It appears alcohol is not allowed at leased events. Yes, Playboy is a leased event.


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                The Bowl Web site says the leased events excludes the Playboy Jazz festival. I been to it numerous times and we bring a lot of wine, margaritas and all kinds of mixed drinks. One big party!!!

    2. For the regular Bowl season (unfortunately coming to a close) you can bring in beer, wine and spirits in bottles, cans or flasks.

      1. I went to the bowl a lot this summer and pretty much everybody brings in wine. It's encouraged.

        And every night you hear a bottle or two rolling down, down, down the aisles until it finally smashes.

        1. thanks for all of the feedback I can pack only concern was thinking that patina would somehow try to force you to buy from their concessions and stick you with a bad bottle for a ridiculous price.

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            You should try to get there early and get a table inside the Bowl picnic area. Great place for picnics.

          2. We went last week to the B.B. King Blues Festival and I called the Bowl first to find out what the rules were. I was told for that night at least, you could bring in any kind of beverage (beer, wine, "vodka for martinis") and any kind of food. The only restriction was the carrier. They had to be 15" x15" x 22" so they would not block an aisle. We took some beer, wine coolers and I bought some sandwiches from Mr. Baquette (no mayo) with some chips and chiles. We had a great time.