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Payard closed

windycity Jun 29, 2009 07:25 PM

I went more than a month ago and got dismissive service for the first time in my life there and wondered what was wrong - was it overly warm, too many customers, were they going to close or what? Also they stopped making my favorite tart, the beaux arts. Then I went again about 2 weeks ago and got my favorite chocolate walnut cookie. I remember the cafe was full both times and the dining area pretty empty.

Now Eater says they are closed early. \\http://eater.com/archives/2009/06/the...

We had our proposal dinner here (which wound up being a disaster because it was 1) restaurant week and 2) my allergic husband ate the 8 grain bread which had walnuts), as well as many happy meals with friends, and I was looking forward to doing anniversary dinners here.

Now I can only remember it fondly. I hope that whatever new incarnation of Payard opens, that they can hit the sweet spot in terms of pricing for the recession economy.

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    ellefdesigns RE: windycity Jun 30, 2009 10:37 PM

    OMG ...We are sooo Sad... We just got married there last Sunday. I had know there were issues but I thought they would be open till August

    The service/the FOOODDD....were fabooo!!

    I wish all the staff good luck...
    Pls hurry and open a new spot.... We need OUR sugar fix

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      gelato98 RE: ellefdesigns Jul 2, 2009 06:57 AM

      The closing of Payard ---- really and truly a shame! My sister's wedding reception (see post by ellefdesigns) there just over a week ago was just wonderful!! Truly enjoyed the food, the decor and the gorgeous (& delicious) wedding cake. The ambiance and attentive service at Payard was superb! It made a special occasion even more magical!! We'll truly miss it and wish all the staff the best of luck! We certainly do hope Payard will reopen at another location VERY soon!!

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