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Jun 29, 2009 07:09 PM

banh hoi

Is there anyplace in SF where I can buy sheets of banh hoi? Thanks

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  1. I was looking around in SF and couldn't find any. I think there isn't a big enough Viet community in SF for a store to sell fresh banh hoi. There aren't even many restaurants that serve it, except for Anh Hong. Your best bet may be to see if Anh Hong will sell you some of theirs. I'm resigned to driving down to San Jose, unless someone replies to your query.

    1. If there is any place in SF to buy sheets of banh hoi, I haven't found it. I did see it on the menu at Yummy Yummy. I didn't get a chance to try it there but I'm sure you could call to see if they will sell it to you in sheets.

      1. I've seen them at May Wah occasionally and sometimes at Wah Sing Supermarket on Irving and 20th ave. I guess it depends on the day and what time because I don't always see them.

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          Really? Because I shop at both places regularly and haven't ever seen them. I even asked at May Wah where they told me they didn't have them. (Then again, the people at May Wah aren't exactly the most helpful/knowledgeable about their stock.)

          Just to make sure we're all talking about the same thing, this is what I'm thinking of:

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            Yes, it's what you are talking about. I've gotten them at both places before, I like to use it when I make fried tofu, boiled calamari, boiled pork slices with the shrimp paste dressing.

            I think it depends on time of day and when. If you ever see the truck unloading the rice noodle (chow fun) packages you should ask the driver directly, worked for me a few times.

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              Well, this doesn't help the OP, but it makes a good reference.

              If you're in downtown San Jose, there's a shop at the corner of San Salvador and S. 2nd St. that makes Bahn Hoi and other banh items daily. They sell it by weight. It's right next door to a VN grocery store.

        2. I just came back from Pang Kee in Chinatown and they have banh hoi and a fantastic nem nuong. You have to cook the nem nuong at home but one of the best I've had not including Bodard's in OC. The nem nuong is not rubbery or too sweet. Nem Nuong and banh hoi was a good combo for dinner.

          Nem Nuong pic

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            I love Brodard's nem nuong, and I'll be interested in trying second best at Pang Kee.

            Pang Kee Bargain Market
            1308 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA