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Jun 29, 2009 06:55 PM

Help with July 4 dinner

I'm a Canadian, living in Canada, and hosting a July 4 BBQ for some American friends. Other than the usual burgers, hot dogs, potato/macaroni salad, does anyone have any ideas on what to serve to honour the day??

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    1. Baked beans, corn on the cob, ice cream, watermelon are also traditional July 4 foods.

        1. This year I am making baby back ribs, dry rubbed & barbecued, of course.

          Last year, I made Beef brisket and brats braised in beer & onions.

          Go with what you feel like making & eating, don't worry so much about what is considered a "true" American cookout.

          But if you do want to go that route other main dish ideas are:
          fried chicken pieces
          steaks on the grill
          bbq chicken on the grill
          a pork roast slow cooked in your oven then made into pulled pork sandwiches or carnitas
          (recipes provided if interested)

          Cole slaw
          Veggie Kebabs
          Fruit salad
          Chips & salsa & guac
          Dill pickles, and pickled red onion
          broccoli salad

          Strawberry shortcake
          Peach cobbler
          Blueberry ice cream sundaes
          Ice Cream Sandwich Cake (did last year, big hit, can provide recipe if interested)
          Rocky Road Brownies (did those last year too)

          That's just off the top of my head! Have fun and good luck!!

          1. Here is what I am serving this year...I'm opting not to do hamburgers/hotdogs (well maybe hotdogs) but chicken and ribs.


            For dessert, friends are bringing brownies and apple pie and I am making homemade "chipwiches" with red, white and blue sprinkles around the outside instead of chocolate chips.

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              love the chipwich idea! if you really want to go all-out with them (though it would be more time- and labor-intensive), you could make them with rectangular flag cookies.