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Jun 29, 2009 06:46 PM

Sunnyside CFC....

So I get home today to find a menu for this place called Sunnyside CFC on 43-43 41st Street. Now, given what I have experienced and read, I know enough that there is no decent Chinese food in Sunnyside. As such, I don't want to get too excited. However, this menu has me intrigued because there is a vegetarian menu as well with vegetarian chicken and beef. So Sunnysiders....if anyone tries it before I do...please post a review :-)
Their website is

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  1. Thanks for this info. Peculiar. checked the website and the map there shows it to be on 41st Street just south of 50th Avenue. But the address given 43-43 would be north of Queens Blvd about 43rd Ave.
    Phoned and seems map shown is incorrect/language difficulties-maybe a good sign!!

    1. I think your original post might not have indicated this is a Chinese place so i see no responses, Now i've looked inside and though they say "Doctor friendly.." the posters are for absolutely megapornographic trash/grease. I mean the worst.
      It's not only the posters-I observed one individual served a nauseating grease bomb.
      They are in the same place as an earlier Chinese place where I experienced once the most repulsive chinese food ever.
      Don't these places before investing so many $$$ do a bit of research?
      It would be so excitin g to have great Chinese here in Sunnyside like our El Jarro mexican.
      Too bad for Sunnyside..still heartbreak no great Chinese.

      1. Sunnyside CFC is the first place that came out with "Green Weekend" In my opinion I like the idea. Although this may be my own opinion I believe it's healthy for people. This "Green Weekend" in my head says that eating vegetables 2 days in a week could be healthy. I know. It's strange. I've walked past this Sunnyside CFC and found that they have health tips such as a "Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet" this means that they at least a LITTLE knowledge about being healthy. I've tried many different chinese food places. Sunnyside CFC was the only one that seemed different. Not only food they have a more cleaner enviorment. Such as everybody in the restaurant has matching clothes. Other places have all white shirts or their regular clothing and are sort of dirty .Other chinese food restaurants I've eaten at have all been the same. They wouldn't give out these health tips such as Sunnyside CFC. In my opinion this is probably one of the top 5 restaurants in Sunnyside.
        Please tell me what you think about this post =D

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        1. re: James Chen

          I'm not sure from your report if you have actually eaten there.
          As I said earlier,as well as what i observed,and the photos on the wall [near identical with the grease bomb photos in SOME latino places], this place is quite toxic health wise.
          The photos on the wall illustrating their menu are quite shocking.-deep fry/grease.
          As I said i also observed their toxic menu.
          Believe me,no one would love more great Chinese in Sunnyside but your note seems as if you may have some connection with this toxic place and I see your note also doesn't specifically recommend it.

          1. re: James Chen

            one of the top 5 restaurant in Sunnyside????????? um, no. I'm sorry, I can't even take that sentence seriously.
            The place is horrendous. I took a chance and went in and placed an order. I was leary as I sat there waiting, but it was too late. I brought it home and it was nasty. My pepper steak was grayish looking and the steamed chicken and broccoli I got for my son had a long hair in it. GAG. Plus they did not steam the broccoli to soft as requested...even though the hair prevented me from serving it to him anyway.
            I will stick with Mr. Wonton on Queens Boulevard. While not stellar, it is pretty good.... and clean(er)

            1. re: ceeceee

              Rather sad to see my view replicated. I was mild earlier but I have to agree this place is horrendous, Who are they talking to? Does Sunnyside need one more toxic grease-bomb emporium when there is an empire of great Chinese cuisine that people with Chinese ancestry or their admirers elsewhere might seek to replicate?

              1. re: micheal

                Well, I checked it out...YUCK YUCK and BLECH!! Eggroll was tasteless...and I mean TASTELESS.. even the worst eggrolls taste like cabbage and was horrible. The rice was greasy, and the chicken and brocolli was probably the worst I have ever had. So my search continues...maybe one day there will be a decent place.

                1. re: DrBey2003

                  I mentioned it on another thread, but Chu Yin in woodside, while not a Flushing-style Schezuan place or a cheap-o chicken-wings chinese place, is really good, if expensive. The egg roll that came with my 12+ dollar lunch special was one of the best I've ever had.

                  1. re: Widmark

                    I just started driving again after not having driven for years. I am going to check this place out this weekend. Thanks again for the recommendation. Don't care if it is a little pricey as long as it's good :-)

                    1. re: Widmark

                      Widmark, I am SO LOVING U!!!! I went to Chu Ying today. Didn't have my car, so I hopped on the 32 bus, got off at 69th street and trekked down to woodside avenue. Ate the egg roll while waiting for the bus back and was overcome at how divine it was. Got home, tried my staple of chicken with broccoli, and smiled. This is IT! I get c&b whenever I try a new place. If it's decent, then i explore the rest of the menu. I WILL be exploring the rest of the menu. Finally, a real chinese restaurant!! By the way, they deliver to least that is what one of the waitresses told me.

                      1. re: DrBey2003

                        I'm around 55th and they deliver to me. There have been a few discussions about them on chowhound, mostly people debating to what degree they're Korean...on one thread someone said the owner told him there's nothing Korean about the place, but they serve little side dishes of pickled radish and kim chee! I've only had the Princes Chicken, which is basically super high quality Kung Pao chicken. I was frustrated when it cost me like 12 bucks to order the lunch special for delivery, but I got a lot of the chicken with pork fried rice, that great egg roll, a side of radish, a side of kim chee, some miso type broth etc, and I usually don't mind paying a premium if the food is really better then anywhere else local (for chinese at least)

                        The one time I ate there, almost every table was filled with people eating noodles with some sort of black bean sauce, seems like thats a specialty there.

                        anyway, glad you liked it!