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Jun 29, 2009 05:21 PM

Best crab roll in New England?

Will be in New England in mid July. Looking for the best crab roll.

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  1. If you mean a soft shell crab roll, mid-July is too late for that.
    If you mean a crab salad roll, that's not a common thing south of Maine. A lobsterman explained to me that's it's a fairly new thing even up there. They used to throw the peekytoes back before they suddenly caught on in the 90's.
    Jordan's in Ellsworth, ME, has the best I've had, and is, overall, in contention for best clam shack I know.
    Here's a link to some more options in Maine:
    South of Maine, there's the Clam Box in Ipswich, MA:
    Woodman's in Essex, MA, also has one.
    Both are popular clam shacks, but I can't vouch for the crab roll at either one. Of the two, I prefer the Clam Box for other food.

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    1. re: danieljdwyer

      We love Jordan's fried clams too and use them as a benchmark against others. The lobster roll is made w/ Miracle Whip, we feel, and don't care for it. Our son always orders the crab rolls and loves them. I'm in Seoul now, but when we return to Ellsworth next week we'll try one and report back.
      M12 consider buying a pound of crab meat, get some mayo packets and a pack of hot dog rolls. Pig out for the price of a couple rolls at a stand. Ain't no gourmet tricks here, deary.
      DD, how do you know Jordan's so well? Do you have a place in the area? Tidal Falls Lobster Pound is closed.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        I'd love to have a place up that way one day, but I'm probably still a ways away from the vacation home phase of life. I know Jordan's because three or four years ago when I was in my last couple of years of college or first year or two out, there were a couple of summers where I had some friends working at a sailing school in Bar Harbor. I was up there to visit probably half a dozen times, and didn't have much to do during the afternoon when they were teaching. I mostly worked up an appetite hiking Acadia, then stuffed myself on clams. Jordan's was recommended by someone as the best in the area, and, once I tried it, I found it to be completely worth the drive of a half hour or so each way.

    2. What part of New England will you be visiting? Many, if not most, of the restaurants in the Portland area that serve lobster rolls also have crab rolls.

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      1. re: hicow

        Also Kelly's Roast Beef in the Boston area has good crab rolls.

        1. re: Joanie

          my vote for best crab roll is the bagaduce lunch,just out of bluehill.the fried clams are great too,as are the fries,and probably the greatest onion rings ever made.awesome homemade desserts also......

          1. re: im hungry

            I'm with ya, IM, great food and nice setting by the rushing waters of the Baggaduce.

              1. re: Joanie

                Just before Ellsworth, hang a Ralph. Google it.

                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  Sorry, Brit chowhound crashing this...I stumbled on Bagaduce Lunch 5 years ago, went back 3 times in the same vacation, it remains one of my all time best memories ever. Please PLEASE go there and have the crab roll and onion rings and a can of Moxie. I have decided to retire to the Castine area and run a B&B almost entirely on the basis of that caravan from heaven! In Castine itself, also try the lobster roll from the Variety Store. there must've been an entire 1 1/2lb lobster in my roll, it was ridiculous!

                  If you can't make it that far, the restaurant by Fort Popham also in Maine serves a fine one which you can sit and eat on perfectly positioned logs on the beach.

        2. Sea Basket in Wiscasset Maine. WOW. Their crab roll is stuffed with fresh crabmeat and in a delicious roll that is much better than the standard hot dog type roll. It is so good and I consider myself a seafood snob.

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          1. If, by chance, you're on Vinalhaven, The Harbor Gawker has a beauty.

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            1. re: Tipatina

              The best crabmeat roll I've had (we don't call them 'crab rolls') was at the Two Lights Lobster Shack on Cape Elizabeth. Had a tasty one at Bond Brook Pancake House in Augusta recently, too. Although the following places do have some other good food on the menu, stay away from their crabmeat rolls: Angler's in Searsport, Just Barb's in Stockton Springs, Rebecca's Place in Augusta, Lobster Claw in Saco/Old Orchard, Weathervane chain and Bob's Clam Hut.

              1. re: jackattack

                What's wrong with the one at Bob's Clam Hut? I thought you couldn't go wrong with any of their seafood.

                1. re: SASSYMI2

                  Some debate over Bob's, I don't care for it either, but then I'm spoiled up here.


                  1. re: SASSYMI2

                    Personally have been disappointed with the food at Bob's. Been there four or five times in the last few years and have never really been satisfied with what I had.

              2. Well I recently had a crabmeat omelet at the Northport Diner (Route 1, between Lincolnville and Bayside), and it was spectacular: chock full of crabmeat and no fillers. Diner's owner is the picker. There's also a crabmeat roll on the menu for $10, and I'm guessing that's a beaut, too, but have yet to sample it. Heading up that way on Monday, so might do so then. By the way, don't be put off by the exterior, this place is a gem.