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Jun 29, 2009 04:20 PM

Hot food at Paneantico in Bay Ridge?

I adore Paneantico. It's such a comfy, friendly little neighborhood bakery and cafe. I especially love it at this time of year when it is so nice to have a leisurely meal or coffee in the outside tables.

I love the coffee and the pastries. They make great sandwiches on great bread. My new favorite meal there is their delicious grilled chicken house salad. Grilled chicken, fresh mozzerella, grilled eggplant and roasted red peppers on in a generous bowl of very fresh mixed field greens. Their balamic vinegar is addictive and their bread is wonderful.

My question is about Paneantico's hot food (the only Paneantico offering that I haven't tried yet): Since they do have hot food but they don't have any of it on their menu, I assume that the way to get some is to go in, browse the case, ask some questions and ask them to make you a plate of whatever looks good to you. Yesterday, one of the guys at the table behind me had some eggplant parm and some veggies and I think some sausage. He actually asked me if I'd like to try his eggplant. I had just finished one of the huge grilled chicken salads so I declined his friendly offer. But I'm still thinking about it and I'm kinda sorry I didn't accept one little bite of his eggplant, just to taste it. Guess I'll have to go ask them to make me a plate. ;-)

So, has anyone eaten any of Paneantico's hot food? If so, do you have any recommendations?

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  1. I have tried a few things- nothing that changed my life, but enjoyable. I particularly like the fritattas in the morning. Wish I could remember what I ate- for some reason the salads and cold veggies have been the most memorable.

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      Ooooo. They have fritattas in the morning???? Are potatoes involved? Are fritattas on their breakfast menu? I remember an extremely limited breakfast menu from the rare time I got there before 11am on a weekend. But I do enjoy a good fritatta. How do you get a fritatta at Paneantico?

      1. re: Kitchop

        Last I knew it was on the breakfast menu. You can get a potato fritatta on a bagel. It's very good.

        I find the casual nature of the offerings at Paneantico to be pretty frustrating. You stare at the case, see something you don't recognize, fight to get the counter girl or sandwich boy's attention, and they mumble something vague about it. Why not at least label stuff?